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As you look for trusted and credible resources to help support remote learning, ABC-CLIO has 16 curriculum and research databases, combining active student lessons and teacher support. Starting at $640.

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Investigate Activity

American History

When Superpowers Collide: Investigating the Origins of the Cold War Give students a look behind the iron curtain.


Pop Culture Universe

Defining Moments of the 1960s Counterculture Use this timeline to introduce your students to the individuals, ideas, and movements that fueled the 1960s counterculture.

Research List

Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society

Understanding Fake News This research list explores the history of questionable reporting, from the sensational, to the misleading, to the downright untrue.

Investigate Activity

American Government

The Marriage of Mass Media and Politics From FDR’s Fireside Chats to Donald Trump’s tweets, presidents often use mass media to reach the public.

Remote Learning Support


ABC-CLIO Databases

Summer Learning Learn how ABC-CLIO databases empower teaching and learning—from student inquiry activities to the educator support site.


ABC-CLIO Databases

6 Tips for Personalized Learning in a Blended Learning Environment Learn how to vary your virtual instruction and place students at the center of their own learning experience!

Bell Ringers

Underground Railroad Monument in Ontario, Canada

A collaboration with leading educators to bring you ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, and fuel for your teaching practice!

Ready-to-Use Lecture

The Washington Presidency

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Featured Title


Celebrating Life Customs around the World From cow jumping to jazz funerals to Nordic napping, this collection explores a fascinating variety of cultural practices from around the world!

Curriculum Connection

School Library Connection

Can Students See Themselves in History? Make the most of this new YA release with School Library Connection’s curriculum connections, including ideas for the classroom, book pairings, lesson plans, and more!


Pop Culture Universe

One Giant Leap Relive the historic Apollo 11 moon mission with famous footage of the launch, moon orbit, and landing on the lunar surface.


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