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The Shrinking Aral Sea

Climate change has been described as a “slow-moving crisis”—one that has developed over decades and requires long-term vision to address. This presents a unique challenge

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Wonders of the Natural World

Great writing invites us to a sensory experience—to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste—and such writing has the power to capture our students’ interest, ignite

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Introducing Research Lists

Research is the backbone of any academic pursuit—but for many students, it can be a particularly intimidating part of the learning process. Fortunately, digital technology

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Virtual Teaching Tips

Some aspects of teaching translate to a virtual environment more easily than others. If there’s one essential class component that’s tricky to recreate online, it’s

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Yellow Kids Cartoon
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Fake News and Newspaper Wars

To help your students understand the nature of fake news (and spot misinformation themselves), give them historical context with this editorial cartoon from 1898 about

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Vietnam War protest at Pentagon

Grave Escalation

The average age of an American soldier in Vietnam was 19. The majority of U.S. military deaths involved soldiers under the age of 22. Wars

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Elmer Davis delivering the news (ca. 1943)
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War on the Radio

Podcasts might be the most popular way to hear news and entertainment today, but in fact, they’re a retrofitting of the world’s oldest broadcast medium:

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Tehran Conference
Talking History

The Politics of Peace

When students think about the end of a war, they may imagine a dramatic and decisive military battle straight out of the movies. But a

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