Authenticate Like an Expert: Using Art Research across the Curriculum

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Art research and authentication isn’t just for the experts on Antiques Roadshow. These techniques teach valuable critical thinking skills that support students in analyzing texts and images within their historical contexts. Learn how to incorporate the methods art authenticators use when examining paintings, furniture, sculpture, and other historical objects to make the curriculum come alive for students of all ages.

Alyssa M. Mandel brings her years of experience as an art historian and authenticator to the library in this engaging discussion on building inquiry skills by teaching with art objects. Inspire students to use art research to practice foundational skills, including: tracing the provenance of an object and discussing the historical framework in which it was made; learning about a culture and its vocabulary by reading artists’ diaries and letters; and studying literary symbolism by analyzing the iconography in religious and mythological art. Alyssa also shares how authentication skills can bolster library research skills, from exploring databases to examining websites and creating bibliographies!

Watch the recording to learn more about:

  • Working art and objects into a variety of classroom curricula across grade levels
  • Effectively searching major museum and auction websites for information and images that will complement your lessons
  • Discovering information sources for artists’ biographies, signatures, works, and the iconography of images

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