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Award-winning reference books published by ABC-CLIO & Greenwood improve the research experience by providing deep scholarship on subjects across the humanities.

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Editorial Team

ABC-CLIO & Greenwood is led by Vince Burns, Vice President of Editorial. Vince and his team of editors are dedicated to publishing reference titles that engage learners, foster 21st-century skills connected to independent critical thinking, and encourage the exploration and understanding of complex issues.

“We live in a world clogged with misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information, where limitless “content” on every conceivable topic is just a mouse click away. But information alone is not true understanding. The fact is that our internet-enabled, “fake news”–saturated, analysis-poor world has made true understanding more difficult, not easier, especially for students just beginning to climb the information-literacy ladder.

To make sense of the information and media onslaught, the ABC-CLIO & Greenwood team of scholars, editors, and researchers covers every aspect of our rapidly evolving world—from the latest scientific discoveries to new takes on historical events and novel thinking about perennial topics. The team works to put high-level scientific and historical information and research into terms that all can understand. We approach this challenge as an independent publisher with a 65-year focus on serving libraries of all kinds. And at the heart of our acquisition process are librarians who vet our book ideas before we commission them.

We like to think that the awards our books and databases have received are a testament to our authors’ and editors’ achievements. Not to toot our own horn but we’re proud that the American Library Association’s Outstanding Reference Sources committee and Booklist recently placed six of our books on their best reference lists.”