Deep scholarship. Always striving for academic excellence.

Deep scholarship.
Always striving for academic excellence.

“A commitment to academic excellence means more than simply tracking down experts in the field. For us, it means consistently delivering the best quality resources in all formats and always staying ahead of what instructors will need as education continues to evolve and change.”
Vince Burns
VP of Editorial

Research Databases

The ABC-CLIO suite of 14 research databases supplies the digital resources integral to effective undergraduate reference and research across the humanities.

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Praeger Security International

The #1 source of information and insight in critical security areas that shape today’s shifting social, political, and economic environments.

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ABC-CLIO & Greenwood Reference Books

Students and researchers around the world rely on the scholarly research published by ABC-CLIO & Greenwood.

Praeger Security International & Scholarly Nonfiction

Providing scholars and researchers with expert knowledge to develop informed positions on complex topics.

Libraries Unlimited Books & Textbooks

The most respected publisher of new scholarship and classic texts in library and information science.

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