Ideas Worth Sharing: Ready-to-Use Lectures

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Educators provide invaluable services to society and the students they serve – and they are also invaluable to each other. This summer and fall, as many schools continue to operate under hybrid or full-remote instructional models, we can help ourselves and each other by sharing our materials, our knowledge, and our experiences.

In this spirit of sharing ABC-CLIO has partnered with leading educators to bring you ready-to-use lesson plans, activities, and best practices, all designed to support your ability to teach – and most importantly, your students’ ability to learn – in these challenging circumstances.

See what your partners in education have to offer with this first installment of ABC-CLIO’s lecture series!

This lesson is part of ABC-CLIO’s Ideas Worth Sharing series, a collaboration with our partners in education to support your curricular goals. Click here to learn more about ABC-CLIO’s research and curriculum databases!