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Sex and Sexuality

by Richard D. McAnulty, ed., M. Michele Burnette, ed.


Experts from diverse fields present the latest trends, controversies and developments in human sex and sexuality, from sexual orientation to dating and mating practices, from masochism and transvestitism to disorders of arousal and orgasm.

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May 2006


Pages 1280
Volumes 3
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Health & Wellness/Love, Sex, and Sexuality
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An unprecedented source of information about sex and sexuality at the start of the 21st century, these volumes include research, current events and new developments in subjects ranging from hypersexuality, sex for the aged, and sex therapy, to orgasmic disorders, sexual fetishism and sadism. Controversial subjects such as pornography, nude dancing and prostitution are explored, as are dysfunctions, from lack of sexual desire to gender identity disorder. Pedophilia and other crimes are also addressed.

The remarkable team of contributing authors includes psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors and public health officials. They provide fresh insights on sex in America today, on sexual development in childhood, midlife and the senior years, and on the influence of media and the family in the social construction of sex and sexuality. The books also offer insights into the psychology of sexual arousal and the effects medication can have on sexual function, and they shed light on such little-heralded studies as those on sex and race, and sex and religion.

Table of Contents

Volume 1 Sexuality Today: Trends and ControversiesSex Research by Michael Wiederman, Ph.D.Theories of Human Sexuality by Roy Baumeister, Ph.D., Jon K. Maner, Ph.D., and C. Nathan DeWallSexuality in Childhood by Ryan Kilmer, Ph.D. and Ariana Shahinfar, Ph.D.Adolescent Sexuality by Tamar Murachver, Ph.D. and Charlene RapseySexual Behavior in the United States by Tom W. Smith, Ph.D.Later Life Sexuality by Thomasina H. Sharpe, M.D.Sexual Orientation and Identity by Michael Kauth Ph.D.Gender and Sexuality by Michele Burnette, Ph.D.The Social Construction of Sex: Media, Peers, Religion, and Family Influences by Laina Bay-Cheng, Ph.D.Sexuality, Race, and Ethnicity by Linwood J. Lewis, Ph.D.Commercial Sex: Pornography by Dan Brown, Ph.D.The Sex Trade: Exotic Dancing and Prostitution by Vern Bullough, R.N., Ph.D. and Richard D. McAnulty, Ph.D.Sexual Risk-Taking: Correlates and Prevention by Virginia Gil-Rivas, Ph.D. and Leslie Kooyman, M.A.Erotic Plasticity: Nature, Culture, Gender, and Sexuality by Roy Baumeister, Ph. D. and Tyler Stillman, M.A.Volume 2 Sexual Function and DysfunctionReproductive and Sexual Anatomy by Michele Burnette, Ph.D., MPHSex and the Brain by George Demakis, Ph.D.The Psychobiology of Sexual Arousal and Response by David Rowland, Ph.D.An Evolutionary Perspective on Sexual and Intimate Relationships by David C. GearyLove by Pamela C. Regan, Ph.D.Sexual Desire Issues and Problems Anthony Bogaert, Ph.D. and Catherine FawcettSexual Arousal Disorders by Greg Febbraro, Ph.D.Orgasmic Problems and Disorders by Vaughn S. Millner, Ph.D.Sex Therapy by Peggy J. Kleinplatz, Ph.D.Gender Identity Disorder by Michele Burnette, Ph.D., MPHSexual Compulsivity: Issues and Challenges by Michael Reece, Ph.D., MPH and Brian M. Dodge, Ph.D.Chronic Disease, Disability and Sexuality by Betty Fisher, Ph.D., Kelly Graham , Psy.D., and Jennifer Duffecy, M.S.Volume 3 Sexual Deviation and Sexual OffensesExhibitionism by William Murphy, Ph.D. and I. Jacqueline Page, Ph.D.Sadomasochism by Pekka Santtila, Ph.D., N. Kenneth Sandnabba, Ph.D., and Niklas NordlingFemale Sex Offenders by Donna M. Vandiver, Ph.D.Pedophilia by Richard D. McAnulty, Ph.D.Sexual Assault by Karen S. Calhoun, Ph.D., Jenna McCauley, and Megan E. CrawfordIncest Victims and Offenders by Rita Kenyon-Jump, Ph.D.Treatment of Sex Offenders by Lester W. Wright, Ph.D. and Angela P. Hatcher-Lawrence, M.A.The Management of Sex Offenders by Rachel Collie, Ph.D. and Tony Ward, Ph.D., Dip.Clin.Psych., MAPS, and Theresa A. Gannon, Ph.D.Offender Profiling by Laurence Alison, Ph.D. and Jonathan S. OganSevere Sexual Sadism by W. L. Marshall, Ph.D. and Stephen J. Hucker, FRCPC, FRC Psych.Violent Sex Crimes by Lester W. Wright, Ph.D., Angela P. Hatcher-Lawrence, M.A., and Matthew S. Willerick, B.S.



"Written by authors with established expertise in their areas, this sophisticated three-volume overview and summary of research data on a wide variety of sexual topics attempts to review what is known about human sexuality and how we know it. Volume 1 covers such topics as sex behavior in the US, sexual orientation, and commercial sex. Volume 2 looks at love, sexual-arousal disorders, and sex therapy. Volume 3 deals with such topics as rape and pedophilia and the treatment of those who commit these acts. McAnulty and Burnette assured a broad audience in insisting that the contributors adhere to (and present) the facts and write in a manner accessible to interested laypersons. Throughout, philosophical differences in understanding sexual behavior--e.g., the evolutionary and the sociocultural approaches--are highlighted. Redundancy in material covered is unavoidable but not distracting; the chapter references are copious and valuable. Essential. All readers; all levels."Choice

"Writing for a general audience, the contributing psychologists, sociologists, medical doctors and public health officials work from the idea that human sexual function is affected by many factors, including those that are biological, sociocultural and psychological. However, caution the editors, readers must also understand they may be approaching this material with strong beliefs about sex and sexuality based on cultural prohibitions."Reference & Research Book News

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