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Pride Against Prejudice

The Biography of Larry Doby

by Joseph Thomas Moore

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February 1988


Pages 206
Volumes 1
Topics Race and Ethnicity/African American Studies
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Aware of Mr. Doby's neglect by biographers, Mr. Moore, who has been a fan of his subject ever since he heard the Doby legend, seeks to give him recognition. . . . Mr. Moore effectively uses records, interviews, and a clear narrative style to make his points (what is more persuasive in sports than an athlete's record! what is more animated than public statements and their refutations!), and gives voice to some of Mr. Doby's severest critics.... Pride Against Prejudice is a tribute to both its author and Larry Doby
New York Times Book Review

This is an excellent biography of Larry Doby, the first black player in the American League and one of the first black managers in the major leagues. . . . Moore has done a superb job of researching Doby's life and writing about it. The book is highly recommended. The Sporting News

As the second black major league baseball player, following Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby has never received the acclaim accorded to Robinson; yet his experiences of segregation and racial invective, and his courage and ability to excel in the face of almost overwhelming circumstances, were equivalent. This fascinating biography brings to light many interesting and little-known facts concerning Doby's life and baseball career, and his contribution as a civil rights pioneer in the American League. His story is perceived as the story of the many black men who followed him into major league baseball, and who shared importantly in pioneering the integration of the sport.

Table of Contents

PrefaceThe Photograph of 1948Black BottomThe North StarThe End of InnocenceFrom Mog-Mog to NewarkPioneerThe Most Significant Player in the LeaguePrime Time"A Load Off My Back""Gaijin"Another RobinsonVeeck, AgainMajor League ManagerPride Against PrejudiceAppendix: Larry Doby's Career StatisticsBibliographical NotesIndex



Larry Doby was the second black major league baseball player and the first in the American League. Jackie Robinson, as the first, received the lion's share of the attention, but Doby and the other early black players were all pathfinders. Doby's on-and off-field battles against segregation and bigotry are painful reminders of our very recent past, but even more interesting and relevant in light of today's headlines are Doby's frustrations in baseball after he quit playing. His desire to become the first black manager was denied, and his lone managerial stint was short and painful. Doby ultimately left baseball and now works in community relations for the New Jersey Nets of the National Basketball Association. A fine biography in its own right, Pride Against Prejudice is made particularly timely by recent controversy over the lack of blacks in baseball management. Bibliography; to be indexed.—Booklist

. . . Moore's effort is a solid study of a solid individual. Based on a lot of oral history as well as journalists' accounts, Pride Against Prejudice continues to fill in the details of the ongoing integration of professional sports in the 1940's and 1950's.—Canadian Journal of History of Sport


National Council for the Social Studies, Carter G. Woodson Award of Outstanding

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