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Global Firms and Emerging Markets in an Age of Anxiety

by S. Benjamin Prasad, ed., Pervez N. Ghauri, ed.


Illuminates the challenges faced by global firms doing business in those developing countries that have attained the status of emerging markets, and highlights issues unique to the post-Sept. 11 business environment.

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April 2004


Pages 336
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/International
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The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, ushered in an age of anxiety along with the new century, an anxiety that has affected the international business climate in a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle ways. For one, the cost of doing business internationally has increased, for global firms and host countries alike. For another, understanding shifting geopolitical conditions in the developing world has become more crucial than ever to grasp if the world's multinationals—whether of American, British, European, or Japanese origin—are to take the best advantage of new market opportunities. These market opportunities are well within the experience range and grasp of the multinational consumer product and industrial firms as well as service enterprises. But the same corporate methodologies that were employed in decades past are unlikely to be sufficient for the age of anxiety that is upon us. The contributions assembled here offer the benefits of the collective wisdom of mature scholars with decades of consulting experience along with fresh ideas and new research hypotheses.

Table of Contents

PrefaceEmerging ChallengesMultinationals in the Seventies and Beyond by S. Benjamin PrasadThe Bald Eagle Cannot Find Its Way in the Rainforest by Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra and C. Annique UnChallenges for the European Auto Multinationals by Heike ProffMultinationals and Technology Development in Latin America and Asia by Andres Lopez and Marcela MiozzoNational Rules on Strategy Context: Embraer and Brazil's Aerospace Program by Thomas C. Lawton and Steven M. McGuireChanging ContextsInitial Trust and Joint Venturing in Emerging Nations by Kwong Chan, W. Harvey Hegarty, and Stewart R. MillerFamily Conglomerates: Key Features Relevant to Multinationals by Destan Kandemir, Dackwan Kim, and S. Tamer CavusgilInternational Joint Venture Control: An Intergrated Framework by Yan Zhang and Haiyang LiJoint Venture Activities in Southeast Asia by Daniel C. Indro and Malika RichardsNational Culture in China and Multinational Performance by Ji LiEntering Emerging Markets: Ignorance and Discovery by Jan Johanson and Martin JohansonProspects for Global FirmsStrategies of Multinationals in Contemporary China by Peter EnderwickRethinking MNE-Emerging Market Relationships: Some Insights from East Asia by Mo Yamin and Pervez N. GhauriInstitutions and Market Reforms: A Locational Guide for MNE Investments by Ram Mudambi, Pietro Navarra, and Chris PaulOn Economic Liberalization in India by Rose M. Prasad and Lawrence JenickeLooking Toward 2010A Look Ahead: Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Markets by Pervez N. GhauriA Selected BibliographyAbout the Editors

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