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Economics of Uranium

by Owen

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September 1985


Pages 240
Volumes 1
Topics Economics/General

This book provides a comprehensive economic analysis of the international uranium market. The author analyzes the major economic, political, social and technical variables that control the destiny of the nuclear power and discusses in detail their impact on the demand for uranium.



Owen provides a well-written description and thorough analysis of the commerical (nonmilitary) uranium industry.... The clear volume is supplemented with numerous tables, diagrams, and references that make this work useful both for undergraduates seeking an introduction to the topic and for more specialized scholars.... [A] wealth of historical and statistical detail and a generally high level of analysis. Recommended for upper-division undergraduates and above.—Choice

The Economics of Uranium is a valiant attempt to make some sense of how a variety of factors influence the price of uranium in a quantitative way. Owen uses micro-economic theories to construct an analytical framework to explain the behavior of uranium price response to a variety of factors.—New York Nuclear Corporation Newsletter

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