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Differences That Make a Difference

Examining the Assumptions in Gender Research

by Lynn H. Turner, Helen M. Sterk


Describes how women and men differ on a range of communication variables and speculates on how differences can be recognized as resources rather than liabilities.

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November 1994


Pages 248
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Women's Studies/General

Joining the debate on gender differences, this book presents a cross-section of current research in communication, language, and gender studies. The first part presents studies that ask how women and men differ on a range of communication variables and suggest reasons for these differences. The second part offers a variety of critiques of masculine cultural hegemony. The third part envisions how gender differences may be reconceptualized in order to open key cultural institutions to honor both women and men. Taken as a whole, the chapters inform one another in a creative, dialectical tension. Examining what researchers mean by gender differences and values implicit in the term is critical to understanding current trends in gender studies.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Examining "Difference" by Lynn H. Turner and Helen M. SterkExplaining Gender RelationsCommunication Competencies of Women Employees: A Comparison of Self Ratings with Other Ratings by Cynthia Berryman-FinkGender Differences and the Use of Conflict Strategies by Barbara Mae Gayle, Raymond W. Preiss, and Mike AllenGender Differences in Critical Incidents Reported by Elderly Health Care Consumers: A Narrative Analysis by Gary L. KrepsDevelopmental Differences in M.B.A. Students: An Examination of Life Stories and Career Histories by Susan Schick Case and Lorraine ThompsonOn the Origin of Gender-Linked Language Differences: Individual and Contextual Explanations by Mary-Jeanette Smythe and Jasna MeyerEffects of Sex Composition and Task Structure on Perceptions of Gender-Linked Role Differentiation in Small Groups by Edward A. Mabry and Carolyn SorgelA Meta-Analysis of Gender Research in Managerial Influence by Kathleen Krone, Mike Allen, and John LudlumSex, Schemata, and Social Status: TV Character Identification and Occupational Aspirations Among Adolescents by Robert J. Griffin, Shaikat Sen, and Rhonda PlotkinInterruptions and the Construction of Reality by Sara HaydenEvaluating Gender RelationsThe Image of Stepmothers in Children's Literature 1980-1991 by Pamela J. CooperWomen's Magazines: Confusing Differences by Bren Ortega MurphySport Sex: Toward a Theory of Sexual Aggression by Sean Michael GilmoreCourtroom Uses of Linguistic Analysis to Demonstrate a Hostile Work Environment for Women by Susan Shick Case, with Julie Wolfram Cox"And if We Lose Our Name, Then What about Our Land?" or, What Price Development? by M.J. HardmanLanguage Choice and Use: Influences of Setting and Gender by Kathryn A. RemlingerExpanding Gender RelationsGender, Media, and Militarism by Lisa Merrill and Denise QuirkDifference, Dominance, and Dialectics: A Call for Change by Linda A.M. PerryVisionary Language: The Voice of Mary Robinson by Kathleen B. WattersConstructing a Postmodernist Ethic: The Feminist Quest for a New Politics by Patricia A. Sullivan and Steven R. GoldzwigGender, Communication, and Community by Helen M. Sterk and Lynn H. TurnerIndex

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