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Defending Public Schools

by E. Wayne Ross, ed., David A. Gabbard, ed., Kathleen R. Kesson, ed., Kevin D. Vinson, ed., Sandra Mathison


Defending Public Schools presents a comprehensive overview of the core issues underlying the debates regarding reform of public schools in the United States. In an accessible yet authoritative style, experts on curriculum, teaching, evaluation and assessment, as well as the history and politics of education elucidate the pros and cons of today's school reform initiatives.

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October 2004


Pages 1000
Volumes 4
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Current Events and Issues/Education
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Defending Public Schools addresses the historical, current, and future context of public schools in the United States. While the essays provide an overview of education and schooling issues, the overarching concern is that public schools are under attack and deserve to be defended.

Since 80 percent of America's student-aged population attend public schools, a fair and balanced look at a school system that has educated and continues to educate a population that is diverse in every way possible, is sorely needed. It can be said that a national school system has never had to educate so many young people through secondary school with mastery of so much information. While no one rejects the necessity of school reform to meet contemporary needs, the question of how to achieve the greatest good for the greatest numbers remains for thousand of schools across the nation. Defending Public Schools is a practical, necessary addition to the work of administrators, teachers, policy makers, and parents as they negotiate the difficult path of how to best teach and educate today's children and youth.

Table of Contents

Volume IGeneral Editors Introduction: Defending Public Schools, Defending DemocracyForewordPrefaceIntroduction: Defending Public Education from the PublicPart I The Security State and the Traditional Role of SchoolsChapter 1 Welcome to the Desert of the Real: A Brief History of What Makes Schooling CompulsoryChapter 2 The State, the Market, & (Mis)educationPart II Security ThreatsChapter 3 What Is The Matrix? What Is the Republic?:Understanding The Crisis of DemocracyChapter 4 Civic Literacy at Its Best: The Democratic Distemper of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)Chapter 5 A Matter of Conflicting Interests?: Problematizingthe Traditional Role of SchoolsPart III Security Measures: Defending Public Education from the PublicChapter 6 A Nation at RiskRELOADED: The Security State and the New World OrderChapter 7 The Hegemony of Accountability: The Corporate-Political Alliance for Control of SchoolsChapter 8 Neoliberalism and Schooling in the United States: How State and Federal Government Education Policies Perpetuate InequalityChapter 9 State Theory and Urban School Reform I: A Reconsideration from DetroitChapter 10 State Theory and Urban School Reform II: A Reconsideration from MilwaukeeChapter 11 Cooking the Books: Educational Apartheid with No Child Left BehindChapter 12 The Securitized Student: Meeting the Demands of NeoliberalismChapter 13 Enforcing the Capitalist Agenda For and In Education: The Security State at Work in Britain and theUnited StatesChapter 14 Privatization and Enforcement: The Security State Transforms Higher EducationChapter 15 Schooling and the Security StateNotesIndexAbout the EditorsAbout the ContributorsVolume IIIntroduction: Teaching for a Democratic SocietyPart I Teacher Education and Teacher DevelopmentChapter 1 Cultivating Democratic Curriculum Judgments: Toward a Mature ProfessionChapter 2 Finding the Color of the Sky: Inquiry in Teacher PreparationChapter 3 Informing the Present, Illuminating the Past: Historical Knowledge and Teacher DevelopmentChapter 4 Standards, Testing, and Teacher Quality: Common Sense vs. Authority in Educational ReformPart II The Labor of TeachingChapter 5 A Dangerous, Lucid Hour: Compliance, Alienation, and the Restructuring of New York City High SchoolsChapter 6 Pursuing Authentic Teaching in an Age of StandardizationChapter 7 An Inhuman Power: Alienated Labor in Low-Performing SchoolsChapter 8 Gender and the Construction of TeachingChapter 9 Another Brick in the Wall: High-Stakes Testing in Teacher EducationThe California Teacher Performance AssessmentPart III Teaching for Social JusticeChapter 10 Caring-Centered Multicultural Education: Addressing the Academic and Writing Needs of English LearnersChapter 11 The Role of Race in Teacher Education: Using Critical Race Theory to Develop Racial Consciousness and CompetenceChapter 12 Thinking Inclusively about Inclusive EducationChapter 13 Things to Come: Teachers Work and the Broken Promises of Urban School Reform in an Age of High-Stakes TestingNotesIndexAbout the EditorsAbout the ContributorsVolume IIIDefending Public Schools: Curriculum and the Challenge of ChangeAn IntroductionPart I History, Context, and the Future of the Public School CurriculumChapter 1 An Artful Curriculum/A Curriculum Full of LifeChapter 2 Old Wine in a New Bottle: Twentieth-Century Social Studies in a Twenty-First-Century WorldChapter 3 Literacy Research and Educational Reform: Sorting through the History and the MythsChapter 4 The Mathematics Curriculum: Prosecution, Defense, VerdictChapter 5 Science in Public Schools: What Is It and Who Is It For?Chapter 6 Character Education: Coming Full CircleChapter 7 Not the Same Old Thing: Maria MontessoriA Nontraditional Approach to Public Schooling in an Age of Traditionalism and StandardizationPart II Critical Issues in CurriculumChapter 8 The Military and Corporate Roots of State-Regulated KnowledgeChapter 9 Extreme Takeover: Corporate Control of the Curriculum, with Special Attention to the Case of ReadingChapter 10 The Body and Sexuality in CurriculumChapter 11 When Race Shows Up in the Curriculum: Teacher (Self-) Reflective Responsibility in StudentsOpportunities to LearnChapter 12 Critical Multicultural Social Studies in the Borderlands: Resistance, Critical Pedagogy, and la lucha forSocial JusticeChapter 13 Schooling and Curriculum for Social Transformation: Reconsidering the Status of a Contentious IdeaNotesIndexAbout the EditorsAbout the ContributorsVolume IVIntroduction: The Nature and Limits of Standards-Based Reformand AssessmentPart I History, Context, and the Future of Educational Standards and AssessmentChapter 1 A Short History of Educational Assessment and Standards-Based Educational ReformChapter 2 Standards-Based Education: Two Wrongs Dont Make a RightChapter 3 The Costs of Ov



These volumes both summarize and provide detailed examples of how NCLB is affecting children, teachers, and communities.....Essential. All levels. Anyone interested in defending public schools.—Choice

Always thought-provoking and sometimes controversial, this balanced look at a vast and complicated system addresses upper-level undergraduates through faculty and is recommended for academic libraries or circulating collections.—Library Journal

^IDefending Public Schools^R is a four-volume set that does not have to be read all at once. With that caveat in mind, the set is valuable in total also allows the busy administrator to read sections of the books on an as-needed basis.—The School Administrator

The articles of this four-volume work present an urgent and sobering case for the destructive impact on American education of the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act.—Reference & Research Book News


This timely series critically addresses the educational debates resulting from the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. From the perspective of national security to classroom assessment, the series analyzes the impact of this revolutionary legislation and other current educational proposals on democratic schooling and classroom practices. A thumbs up to the editors for their careful work in assembling this great series.—Joel Spring,^LProfessor^LQueens College^LCity University of New York

A collection for learning how the attacks on public education are being waged--and how to plan a defense against those that would destroy our educational system.—David C. Berliner,^LRegents' Professor^LArizona State University

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