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C. S. Lewis

Life, Works, and Legacy

by Bruce L. Edwards, editor


Covers the life, times, and works of C.S. Lewis in a comprehensive set that leaves no stone unturned

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April 2007


Pages 1416
Volumes 4
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics The Arts/General
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Most popularly known as the author of the children's classic The Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis was also a prolific poet, essayist, novelist, and Christian writer. His most famous work, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, while known as a children's book is often read as a Christian allegory and remains to this day one of his best-loved works. But Lewis was prolific in a number of areas, including poetry, Christian writing, literary criticism, letters, memoir, autobiography, sermons and more. This set, written by experts, guides readers to a better understanding and appreciation of this important and influential writer.

Clive Staples Lewis was born on November 29, 1898, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His mother died when he was young, leaving his father to raise him and his older brother Warren. He fought and was wounded in World War I and later became immersed in the spiritual life of Christianity. While he delved into the world of Christian writing, he did not limit himself to one genre and produced a remarkable oeuvre that continues to be widely read, taught, and adored at all levels. As part of the circle known as the Inklings, which consisted of writers and intellectuals, and included J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and others, he developed and honed his skills and continued to put out extensive writings. Many different groups now claim him as their own: spanning genres from science fiction to Christian literature, from nonfiction to children's stories, his output remains among the most popular and complex. Here, experts in the field of Lewis studies examine all his works along with the details of his life and the culture in which he lived to give readers the fullest complete picture of the man, the writer, and the husband, alongside his works, his legacy, and his place in English letters.

Table of Contents

Volume I: An Examined LifeAcknowledgmentsPrefaceChapter 1 An Examined Life: Introducing C. S. LewisChapter 2 Lewiss Belfast Childhood (1898-1908)Chapter 3 Lewiss Schooling: Trials and Tribulations (1908-1917)Chapter 4 Lewis and Military Service: War and Remembrance (1917-1918)Chapter 5 Lewis the Reluctant Convert: Surprised by FaithChapter 6 Lewis in Oxford: the Student Years (1917-1923)Chapter 7 Lewis in Oxford: the Early Tutorial Years (1924-1940)Chapter 8 Lewis in Oxford: the Later Tutorial Years (1940-1953)Chapter 9 Lewis in Cambridge: the Professorial Years (1954-1963)Chapter 10 C. S. Lewis and Owen Barfield: Adversaries and ConfidantesChapter 11 C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien: Friends and Mutual MentorsChapter 12 C. S. Lewis and Joy Davidman: The Severe Mercies of Late RomanceChapter 13 A Grief Observed: Lewis as DiaristAuthor Biographical NotesVolume II: Fantasist, Mythmaker, and PoetChapter 1 Patches of Godlight: C. S. Lewis as Imaginative WriterChapter 2 Rehabilitating H. G. Wells: C. S. Lewiss Out of the Silent Planet:Chapter 3 Perelandra: A Tale of Paradise RetainedChapter 4 That Hideous Strength: Spiritual Wickedness in High PlacesChapter 5 The World of Narnia: Medieval Magic and MoralityChapter 6 Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, Children of Aslan:Interacting with the Nonhuman in The Chronicles of NarniaChapter 7 Cartography and Fantasy: Hidden Treasures in the Maps of The Chronicles of NarniaChapter 8 Till We Have Faces: A Study of the Soul and the SelfChapter 9 C. S. Lewiss Short Fiction and Unpublished WorksChapter 10 Telling the Truth Upside Down: The Screwtape LettersChapter 11 Columns of Light: The Pre-Conversion Narrative Poetry of C. S. LewisChapter 12 Early Lyric Poetry: Spirits in Bondage (1919) and Joy (1924)Chapter 13 Topical Poems: Lewis Post-Conversion PoetryAuthor Biographical NotesVolume III: C. S. Lewis: Apologist, Philosopher, and TheologianChapter 1 The Ecumenical Apologist: Understanding C. S. Lewiss Defense of ChristianityChapter 2 C. S. Lewis as AllegoristChapter 3 Mere Christianity: Uncommon Truth in Common LanguageChapter 4 The Sermons of C. S. Lewis: The Oxford Don as PreacherChapter 5 The Abolition of Man: C. S. Lewiss Philosophy of HistoryChapter 6 The Great Divorce: Journey to Heaven and hellChapter 7 Miracles: C. S. Lewiss Critique of NaturalismChapter 8 Stealing Past the Watchful Dragons: C. S. Lewiss Incarnational Aesthetics and Todays Emerging ImaginationChapter 9 Letters to Malcolm: C. S. Lewis on PrayerChapter 10 An Apologists Evening Prayer: Reflecting on C. S. Lewiss Reflections on the PsalmsChapter 11 Understanding C. S. Lewiss Surprised by Joy: A Most Reluctant AutobiographyChapter 12 Gifted Amateurs: C. S. Lewis and the InklingsAuthor Biographical NotesVolume IV: C. S. Lewis: Scholar, Teacher, and Public IntellectualChapter 1 The Christian Intellectual in the Public Square: C. S. Lewiss Enduring American ReceptionChapter 2 The Letters of C. S. Lewis: Lewis as CorrespondentChapter 3 The Four Loves: C. S. Lewiss Theology of LoveChapter 4 C. S. Lewis as Philologist: Studies in WordsChapter 5 The Inklings Abroad: Reading C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien Outside the U. K. and North AmericaChapter 6 The Allegory of Love and The Discarded Image: Lewis as MedievalistChapter 7 English Literature in the Sixteenth Century: C. S. Lewis as Literary HistorianChapter 8 Everymans Tutor: C. S. Lewis on Reading and CriticismChapter 9 A Most Potent Rhetoric: C. S. Lewis, Congenital RhetoricianChapter 10 C. S. Lewis as Scholar of Metaphor, Narrative and MythChapter 11 C. S. Lewis and the Media: Cinematic and Stage Treatments of Lewiss Life and WorkChapter 12 C. S. Lewis Scholarship: A Bibliographical OverviewChapter 13 Valediction From the Shadowlands: C. S. Lewis and the Gospel of HomesicknessAuthor Biographical Notes



"Edwards...the author of five other books on C. S. Lewis, in part seeks to correct what he sees as failings in the approaches taken in recent Lewis biographies. These failings, he believes, include an emphasis on perceived personality defects in the author that taint the treatment of his religious conviction and scholarship and, in contrast, an excessive veneration in some biographies that has tended to reduce consideration of Lewis's scope and accomplishments to a few selected aspects of his life and work. To set the record straight, Edwards has gathered a wide-ranging and well-ordered group of essays from an international panel of contributors and divided them into four volumes meant to cover more comprehensively all major aspects of Lewis's life and career.... [T]his is the most thorough and current collection available of analysis and opinion on Lewis.... [R]ecommended for academic and large public libraries."—Library Journal

"The master apologist did not ruminate about himself overmuch. Although he did take his experiences in life into account including his Belfast childhood rife with troubles at school, his service in war, his successes (which were not inconsiderable) at Oxford and Cambridge, his friendships, marriage and bereavement he believed those experiences to be not unique to himself but part of any life. In this he was exceedingly modest, and this set of essays on Lewis's life and work prove so in biographical pieces, critical reviews of works ranging from theology to fantasy, commentary on his role as a Christian intellectual, reviews of his work as a literary historian, tutor and lecturer, and considerations of him as a lover of words."—Reference & Research Book News

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