Teaching Research: Practical Tools for NHD 2021

Note: This free resource will expire three weeks from its post date.

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Almost every hefty project we assign students involves a crucial step: research. Some students dive into the research eagerly, but many are intimidated by this aspect of critical analysis … and end up resorting to lightning-round Google searches to speed through it.

Just in time to kick off planning for 2021 National History Day projects, help students take ownership of their research process by showing them this student-friendly video series about how to conduct effective, efficient, inquiry-based research.

Plus, download these step-by-step source analysis guides to help students break down the sources they discover during the research process:

1. Introduction to the Research Process

2. Finding Your Research Topic

3. Using Primary and Secondary Sources

4. Research as Academic Inquiry

5. Evaluating Sources

This video series is part of ABC-CLIO databases’ Academic Success Corner, a helpful video series that gives students easy-to-follow steps for strengthening their skills in the areas of Writing, Reading, Researching and Critical Thinking. Click here to learn more about ABC-CLIO’s research and curriculum databases!