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Crash Course in Time Management for Library Staff

by Brenda Hough


If you are always thinking, "I'm so busy! I wish I had more time," then this book is for you.

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February 2018

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 97
Volumes 1
Size 8 1/2x11
Topics Librarianship: Philosophy, Values, and Issues/LIS Profession
  Management and Administration/General
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This book offers time management tools, tips, and techniques for busy librarians, so they can better serve their communities and feel greater satisfaction with work and life.

Being short on resources is now "the new normal" for libraries—and having too little money and too few staff members always brings library staff to the same predicament: not enough time. While it is not possible to create more time, by making use of the right time management tools and techniques, it IS possible to make huge improvements in your productivity—and as side benefits, a decrease in job stress and frustration and a greater sense of work satisfaction.

This book shows how to apply powerful time management strategies so you can get more done, deliver the best service possible to your patrons, and enjoy being in an environment that fosters greater creativity and workplace satisfaction. Topics include time tracking, task management, identifying goals and priorities, beating the obstacles of procrastination and perfectionism as well as distractions and interruptions, and staying on top of time management when collaborating. Quotes and stories from individuals who work in libraries illustrate key points and concepts throughout the book. The final chapter explains how to set a personal plan for time management—using the awareness of your own patterns, obstacles, and goals, and the experience you have gained with various time management techniques and tools—to create your own unique time management strategy and make time management an ongoing, long-term priority.


  • Provides invaluable information for any librarian who struggles with managing "too much to do" on a daily basis
  • Offers practical, effective ways to address the main obstacles to good time management
  • Presents stories from real libraries to illustrate key points and show readers that they are not alone in their time management challenges
Series Description

Crash Course

The Crash Course series was created for library staff who need basic information on various service-specific topics. The titles in this series take a simple, "how-to" approach that focuses on providing all the fundamental knowledge needed for day-to-day library services. The books can serve as handy references, practical workshop guides, or effective training manuals, and will be useful to new librarians as well as staff who may need refresher information for new areas of responsibility.
Author Info

Brenda Hough has focused on professional development in libraries for more than 20 years. Her work in libraries has included assessments, evaluations, training, and instruction for national, state, and local initiatives as well as projects with Infopeople, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WebJunction, the Public Library Association, the Edge Initiative, and the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies. Hough is committed to providing opportunities for library staff to expand their knowledge and skills so that they can best meet the needs of the communities they serve. Her website is

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