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Library Robotics

Technology and English Language Arts Activities for Ages 8–24

by Sarah Kepple


The collaborative, resource-rich environment of your library is ideal for robotics learning activities for students ages eight and up. Learn how to use robotics to grow STEAM and literacy skills with this book.

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October 2015

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 156
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Children's and Young Adult Programs/General
  Librarian's Instructional Role/Teaching Resources, K-12

A dive-right-in, quick-start guide for busy library professionals who want to build literacy, STEAM, and other 21st-century skills using simple robots in a fun, collaborative environment.

Robotics in the library? Absolutely. Robotics can add a new dimension to library programming—one that can help America's youth build the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) and 21st-century learning skills they will need to be successful in an international, technology-infused workforce. This book provides a complete guide for launching a robotics program in the library and demonstrates the links between robotics programming and learning. It also includes complete instructions for various program models that employ robotics.

Robotics programs are an ideal way for public and school libraries to demonstrate their vital roles as the hubs of community learning, and the subject is universally popular with students as well as parents and industrial funders. The book's clearly and succinctly written chapters begin by providing the information that librarians will need for stakeholders and to select equipment, then move logically into addressing guided activities and expansion ideas. Children's librarians, teen librarians, school media specialists (particularly those focused on middle school students), and adult and technology librarians looking to connect with "new adults" will find this book useful and appealing.


  • Provides the only guidebook currently available about robotics written by a librarian, for librarians—a simple, practical guide that virtually any librarian can use, no prior tech experience necessary
  • Guides librarians in using their knowledge of literacy, youth development, and guided-inquiry methodology to gain an accessible entry point to grow their technological skills alongside the youth they serve
  • Includes lesson plans and activity guides to help you start a simple robotics curriculum as quickly as possible
  • Supplies outcome measurement tools
  • Discusses funding ideas and sample budgets
Author Info

Sarah Kepple, MLIS, founded the Robotix Blox program at Cuyahoga County Public Library where she was information and technology literacy specialist after more than a decade working with youth in school and public libraries. The founder of Gigalearn, LLC, she has written for YALS, the journal of the Young Adult Library Services Association, and has presented on participatory technology learning for the Public Library Association, Young Adult Library Services Association, Toy Library Association, and the eTech Ohio conference. Kepple holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kent State University as well as a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Drexel University and is a Treu-Mart Youth Development Fellow through Case Western Reserve University. Her blog is

Table of Contents


  • Illustrations Preface Acknowledgments Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Why Robots? Chapter 2: How Robots? Chapter 3: Which Robots? Selecting and Paying for Equipment Chapter 4:Making the Case Chapter 5:Standalone Activity Guide Chapter 6: Camp Activity Guide Challenge 1: Follow the White Rabbit Challenge 2: Down the Rabbit Hole Challenge 3: Curiouser and Curiouser Challenge 4: In a Little Bill Challenge 5: Who Are You Challenge 6: Cheshire Cat Challenge 7: Mad Tea Party Challenge 8: Painting the Roses Red Challenge 9: Flamingo Croquet Challenge 10: Bank to Bank Chapter 7: Club Activity Guide Badge 1: Build a Bot Badge 2: Cyclone Spin Badge 3: Follow the Yellow Brick Road Badge 4: The Scarecrow Badge 5: The Tin Woodman Badge 6: Brains, Heart or Courage Badge 7: Real-World Client Badge 8: Hurdle Hopper Badge 9: Community Solution Badge 10: Kind Critters Badge 11: Helping Hand Badge 12: Perspective
  • Glossary Notes References Bibliography Index

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