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ABC-CLIO Solutions are designed to meet the needs of today's teachers and learners. Each of the 15 award-winning Solutions provide innovative digital content and tools that empower educators to create dynamic learning experiences to prepare students for the challenges of college and career.

See ABC-CLIO Solutions' new translation tool in action.

Rockwood Summit High School

Fenton, MO

See how this school meets diverse student and teacher needs while expanding their access to digital educational content, using ABC-CLIO Solutions.

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Hear this educator discuss what types of resources are needed in today's learning environments.

Clark County Virtual High School

Las Vegas, NV

Read about how this school creates a blended learning environment through their implementation of ABC-CLIO Solutions.

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Listen to one student's opinion on what would make history exciting.

Video Learning Modules

Learn about ABC-CLIO Solutions engaging video learning modules that make challenging topics understandable and easy to digest.

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