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Informed by ABC-CLIO’s over 60 years of publishing excellence and innovation, ABC-CLIO Solutions supply the digital resources integral to effective undergraduate reference and research in the social studies and humanities.

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Outstanding Scholarship

  • 14 databases range in topic from course essentials, such as American history, to emergent areas of study, like modern genocide and pop culture

  • Scholarly perspectives provide higher-level guided analysis of key issues and support student researchers in arguing and supporting a position

  • 200,000+ primary and secondary sources provide unparalleled depth of content



Peer-Reviewed, Full-Text, Updated Content

  • Vetted articles present perspectives from contemporary, accomplished scholars and serve as sources and exemplars of academic discourse

  • Deep libraries of authoritative, full-text reference entries are navigable through highly-customizable searches

  • Daily updates ensure students have access to the latest research



Expert Academic Contributors

  • More than 3,000 accomplished and credentialed scholars contribute to the 14 databases

  • Advisory boards referee articles while our top-notch editorial teams meticulously maintain content


Ultimate Student Research Experience

  • ABC-CLIO Solutions come equipped with a wealth of tools and features to meet the needs of 21st-century student researchers

  • Customizable research lists, multiple citation options, and graph creation tools aid students in presenting and reporting research findings

  • Brand-new video modules pair the instructional advantages inherent in lectures and presentations with the convenience of online accessibility

  • Multi-language translations and text-to-speech functionality support a variety of learning needs


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