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The ABC-CLIO Solutions databases supply the digital resources integral to effective undergraduate reference and research across the humanities.

The ABC-CLIO Solutions Academic suite supplies the digital reference collections and full-text scholarship integral to undergraduate research in the humanities. In each of the suite’s 14 dynamic and discipline-specific databases, student researchers are empowered to broaden their understandings, analyze historical and societal complexities, and develop innovative and informed perspectives.

Contributions from more than 3,000 field scholars and real-time updates ensure researchers are always accessing relevant and credible material. Across all 14 databases, investigations into critical topics yield three integrated but distinct content components to support thesis-driven research:

  • Original journal articles, authored by leading academics and vetted by advisory boards of credentialed experts, that offer varied viewpoints on the complexities and nuances inherent in the discipline to serve as both sources and exemplars of evidence-based scholarly thought,
  • A robust reference library that draws from 200,000+ primary and secondary sources, including media and data,
  • And a course companion, comprised of both text and video lectures, designed to reinforce coursework or drive independent study.

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