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Special EdTech Grant for Schools of Education


ABC-CLIO’s EdTech Grant is all about putting powerful resources into the hands of future educators. Schools of Education that participate are granted a year of free access to the entire 16-database suite for professors’ and student teachers’ use. 

What will your student teachers be able to do with ABC-CLIO Solutions by their side?

  • Design lessons that scaffold learning, inspire inquiry, and promote critical thinking and analysis, and model evidence-based arguments
  • Gauge student understanding with built-in formative assessments
  • Engage a wide range of learners with video learning modules, visual aids, and more
  • Easily align instruction and assignments to state or Common Core standards
  • Build customized lists of primary and secondary sources to guide student inquiry and research
  • Strengthen student literacy development with supportive tools such as text-to-speech, translation, and vocabulary lists
  • Find resources and functionality to support any instructional mode: flipped classrooms, 1:1 environments, independent research, and more

Professors in Schools of Education: Apply today to reserve these free resources for your students.


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