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Brought to you by the leading social studies provider, ABC-CLIO is an award-winning suite of 16 reference and curriculum databases designed to help strengthen students’ research and critical thinking skills.

ABC-CLIO databases gives classroom teachers and librarians the tools to inspire intellectual confidence. With our 16 award-winning databases, students investigate key topics and themes to gain a greater understanding of the world outside their school. With the help of a full slate of curriculum guides, students strengthen vital foundational and critical thinking skills that help shape them to understand events of the past, engage with issues in the present, and ultimately become intellectually confident learners.

In a time when credible, trustworthy source material is vital to social awareness and civic responsibility, educators look to ABC-CLIO databases for accurate, curated resources that bring the library directly into Social Studies classrooms. From ancient history to modern issues facing an increasingly connected global culture, students use ABC-CLIO databases to strengthen their intellectual curiosity and increase their understanding of the larger world.

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