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Organ and Harpsichord Music by Women Composers

An Annotated Catalog

by Adel Heinrich


Intended to document unfamiliar repertoire for the organ and harpsichord and to open avenues for further research, this exhaustive reference work catalogues music for organ or harpsichord with and without instruments, voices, and choirs by more than 700 women composers from some 40 countries.

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June 1991


Pages 392
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Popular Culture/Music and Performing Arts
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This reference work catalogs music for organ and harpsichord written by more than 700 women composers from 40 countries. Compiler Adel Heinrich has expanded the organ and harpsichord repertoire to include choir and instruments accompanying organ and harpsichord. She provides more detailed information about each work than can be found in any other reference book on women composers. In addition to biographies for each woman, Heinrich supplies listings of individual compositions, and includes descriptions and sources whenever possible.

Each composition is listed in both the Instrumentation Index and the Title Index. Publishers, library sources, and recording companies with their addresses are also provided. There is also a chronological listing of composers by country. Two appendices list a large number of women who have either written music for organ and harpsichord with no specific titles known, or have performed on one or both instruments. This reference book is a valuable resource for organists, harpsichordists, teachers, choral and instrumental conductors, and planners of festivals and recitals.

Table of Contents

IntroductionCodes for Instruments and Musical Terms and Codes for Miscellaneous TermsOrgan and Harpsichord Music by Women ComposersInstrumentation IndexTitle IndexPublishers and LibrariesRecord CompaniesComposers' Biographies (With Addresses)Chronological Listing of Composers by CountrySources/Further ReadingAppendixes



Dr. Heinrich's painstaking and exhaustive research has resulted in a book that will grow in popularity as it becomes known. It is not only vastly informative, it is timely. The contributions of women in the music profession are receiving more and deserved attention, and this wonderful resource work can only enhance the effort. There are many interesting discoveries to be made even when casually perusing the book, and many persons will find intriguing new repertoire suggestions and facts never before published.—Frederick Swann Director of Music and Organist The Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California

Timely in topic, well-researched, thoroughly and practically indexed, this book is bound to be mind-expanding to those who use it. There is much more within its covers than is actually suggested by the title--choral directors and church musicians will find it a must for inclusion of solo vocal and choral works with organ or harpsichord accompaniment. A music planner's delight!—Max Miller Chairman of the Organ Department Dean for Academic Affairs, School for the Arts Boston University

Adel Heinrich's book . . . is a long overdue project, one that is much needed. It is a welcome addition to scholarly research.—William Sprigg Professor of Music Emeritus Hood College


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