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Encyclopedia of American Parties, Campaigns, and Elections

by William C. Binning, Larry E. Esterly, Paul A. Sracic

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July 1999


Pages 480
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Politics, Law, and Government/General
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In this comprehensive guide to the language of contemporary American politics, Binning offers clear descriptions of terms such as soft money, gerrymandering, and blanket primary. Examples are frequently offered to help clarify definitions. Particular attention is given to the ever-changing organizational structure of parties and contemporary electoral systems. In addition to defining political terms and systems, however, this encyclopedia explains campaign finance reform laws and the Voting Rights Act. The more significant Supreme Court decisions in these areas are summarized, with an eye to giving readers a greater understanding of how these laws have been interpreted and applied.

This encyclopedia also describes the modern political campaign. Highlighted are the role of the media, the significance of presidential debates, the influence of campaign consultants, and the importance, types, and timing of primaries and caucuses. Brief biographies of important political figures such as presidents, vice presidents, and congressional and party leaders are also included, along with a concise summary of every presidential election since 1789.

Table of Contents

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[T]his work offers compact size, up-to-date information, and a competitive price. Both enjoyable and useful for political buffs and general reference.—Library Journal

This encyclopedia is recommended for public libraries, secondary schools, and university libraries. It is accessible to the general reader but provides details and bibliographies to the reader who wants additional information.—American Reference Books Annual

...Binning's concise summary of elections is a handy, easy to use resource.—Reference & User Services Quarterly


The ^IEncyclopedia^R is an excellent general reference and should be on the shelves of public as well as university libraries. It is strong on the biographies of our presidents, particularly the elusive and forgotten ones. The summaries of the quadrennial elections are outstanding for their compression and accuracy. The court cases are models of plain English simplification.—Ralph M. Goldman^LProfessor Emeritus, San Francisco State University^LPresident, Center for Party Development

A one-of-a-kind reference that will be a great help to a wide range of students of American elections. It not only covers the essentials, but portrays remarkable tales and characters from our rich political history that too often are overlooked.—Robert Richie^LExecutive Director, The Center for Voting and Democracy

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