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Real-World Decision Making

An Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics

by Morris Altman, Editor


Consumer spending is often stimulated by emotion rather than logic.

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June 2015


Pages 499
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Economics/General

The first and only encyclopedia to focus on the economic and financial behaviors of consumers, investors, and organizations, including an exploration of how people make good—and bad—economic decisions.

Traditional economic theories speculate how and when people should spend money. But consumers don't always behave as expected and often adopt strategies that might appear unorthodox yet are, at times, more effective than the rule prescribed by conventional wisdom. This groundbreaking text examines the ways in which people make financial decisions, whether it is because they are smart but atypical in their choices ... or just irrational decision makers.

A leading authority on behavioral economics, Morris Altman and more than 150 expert contributors delve into key concepts in behavioral economics, economic psychology, behavioral finance, neuroeconomics, experimental economics, and institutional economics to help inform economic models based on reality, not theory. Through 250 informative entries, the book explores various aspects of the subject including decision making, economic analysis, and public policy. In addition to introducing concepts to readers new to the subject, the book sheds light on more advanced financial topics in a manner that is objective, comprehensive, and accessible.


  • Contains an informative introductory essay that familiarizes students with the various aspects of behavioral economics
  • Provides a list of additional readings for those interested in learning more about the topic
  • Includes cross-references in each entry to help readers make connections between related topics
  • Defines key terms that are likely to be unfamiliar to those without advance knowledge of the subject
  • Helps readers identify and study particular entry categories through accompanying Topic Finders
Author Info

Morris Altman, PhD, is professor of behavioral and institutional economics at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and professor of economics at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. His published works include Behavioral Economics for Dummies; Economic Growth and the High Wage Economy: Choices, Constraints and Opportunities in the Market Economy; and Handbook of Contemporary Behavioral Economics: Foundations and Developments. Altman holds a doctorate in economics from McGill University.



"This encyclopedia is an excellent, authoritative guide to an exciting new approach to economic behavior and modeling. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-level undergraduates through researchers/faculty; professionals/practitioners."Choice

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