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Lady Gaga

A Biography

by Paula Johanson


Drawing upon other pop music icons such as Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, and Madonna, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta went from being virtually unknown in early 2008 to having 32 million Facebook fans, 10 million Twitter followers, and being declared top dog of the 100 most powerful people in the entertainment industry by Forbes magazine in May 2011. She is no one-hit wonder. She is Lady Gaga.

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February 2012


Pages 169
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Popular Culture/Music and Performing Arts

This biography details Lady Gaga's life from all angles, documenting her family background; the events before and during her meteoric rise to success as a songwriter, singer, and performance artist; her deft use of social media; and her political commentary.

Lady Gaga: A Biography details Lady Gaga's life from birth to 2011. Readers will learn about her personal background—where she was born, who her parents were, what her early school years as a "weird girl" with "rabbit teeth" were like—as well as her pre-fame years where she gained an education in music and "paid her dues" as a small-time professional in small performance venues. The many milestones of her wildly successful career so far are documented in detail, as are Haus of Gaga, the artistic collective that supports her performances; her ongoing activities as a performer; her presentation in couture and accessories; and her stated intentions for the future.

This book will be an engrossing read for fans of Lady Gaga as well as anyone interested in popular culture or the entertainment industry. Its inclusion of chapter endnotes containing quotations and controversial points along with a bibliography of print and electronic resources make it an authoritative research tool for students as well.


  • A timeline of major events in Lady Gaga's life, including two world tours and several awards ceremonies
  • Various photographs of Lady Gaga performing and at public appearances
  • A bibliography provides choices for further reading


  • Includes an entire chapter discussing Lady Gaga's early career from age 17 to 24, documenting the years of regular performances, skill development, and songwriting that came before her seemingly overnight success
  • Details her fashion choices, appearances at awards ceremonies, and how she orchestrated being a public spectacle on the red carpet and as a performer—all key elements to her persona and popularity
  • Examines her mastery of social media and networking with her fanbase, leading to her assessment by Forbes magazine as the number one entertainer on its Celebrity 100 list
Series Description

Greenwood Biographies

Ideal for student research assignments, this series features interesting and important figures—contemporary and historical—drawn from a broad range of curriculum subject areas, including history, science, politics, literature, and the arts. The series fills a gap in reference collections, offering full-length, engagingly written biographies that are enjoyable to read, based on authoritative research, and fully documented. Each volume includes:
  • Coverage from birth to death or the present day
  • Timeline highlighting significant biographical events and career contributions
  • Portfolio of photographs depicting the subject at different stages of life
  • Bibliography of print and electronic resources recommended for further study

From Bob Marley and Dr. Dre to Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice, the Greenwood Biographies spotlight the people who shape our world.
Author Info

Paula Johanson has written and edited over two dozen nonfiction books on science, health, and literature, including Jobs in Sustainable Agriculture and World Poetry: "Evidence of Life", as well as the novel Tower in the Crooked Wood. She has edited curriculum educational materials and has been nominated twice for the Prix Aurora/Boréal Award for Canadian Science Fiction writing. An accredited teacher and long-standing member of SF Canada, Johanson is currently completing a master's degree in English at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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