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Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome

The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia

by Sara E. Phang, Iain Spence, Douglas Kelly, and Peter Londey, Editors


The traditional Roman Republic was organized for warfare. How did this structure help Rome grow from a small polity in central Italy to the center of a world empire?

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June 2016


Pages 1421
Volumes 3
Size 8 1/2x11
Topics Military History/Conflict and Wars
  World History/Conflict

The complex role warfare played in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations is examined through coverage of key wars and battles; important leaders, armies, organizations, and weapons; and other noteworthy aspects of conflict.

Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia is an outstandingly comprehensive reference work on its subject. Covering wars, battles, places, individuals, and themes, this thoroughly cross-referenced three-volume set provides essential support to any student or general reader investigating ancient Greek history and conflicts as well as the social and political institutions of the Roman Republic and Empire.

The set covers ancient Greek history from archaic times to the Roman conquest and ancient Roman history from early Rome to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE. It features a general foreword, prefaces to both sections on Greek history and Roman history, and maps and chronologies of events that precede each entry section. Each section contains alphabetically ordered articles—including ones addressing topics not traditionally considered part of military history, such as "noncombatants" and "war and gender"—followed by cross-references to related articles and suggested further reading. Also included are glossaries of Greek and Latin terms, topically organized bibliographies, and selected primary documents in translation.


  • Provides an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of conflict in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds that relates warfare to society, politics, economy, and culture
  • Examines major wars and other key conflicts; important generals and leaders; and Greek and Roman political, military, social, and cultural institutions
  • Presents ancillary information, including maps and illustrations; a topically arranged bibliography; sourcebooks of primary sources in translation; and lists of the most interesting "sound bites" attributed to Greek and Roman leaders in ancient times
Author Info

Sara E. Phang, PhD, is an independent scholar who is currently employed as a librarian. She is the author of The Marriage of Roman Soldiers (13 B.C.–A.D. 235): Law and Family in the Imperial Army and Roman Military Service: Ideologies of Discipline in the Late Republic and Early Principate. Phang holds a doctorate in Roman history from Columbia University.

Iain Spence, CSC, RFD, PhD, prior to retirement was head of the School of Classics, History, Philosophy and Religion at the University of New England, Australia. His publications focus on both ancient and modern military history and include The Cavalry of Classical Greece. He is also a Major General in the Army Reserve, and as Head, Cadet, Reserve, and Employer Support Division is currently the senior reserve officer in the Australian Defence Force.

Douglas Kelly, PhD, taught in classics and ancient history for many years at Macquarie University in Sydney and at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. He has published widely in Greek military and political history, and is working on a commentary on Xenophon's Hellenica.

Peter Londey, PhD, is a lecturer in the Centre for Classical Studies at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. His publications on both Greek and modern military history and commemoration include Other People's Wars: A History of Australian Peacekeeping.



"Overall, this is a set that would be highly useful for any academic library with coursework in the classics."Booklist, Starred Review

"The depth and breadth of the content is geared towards high school and undergraduate students who are interested in a quick reference source on these subject areas. Recommended for high school and college libraries."ARBA

"The wars of Greece and Rome still inform military strategists today, and this work provides the most comprehensive approach to warfare in the ancient Mediterranean region available. . . . [F]or those [libraries] that support programs in military studies, ancient history, Latin, and Greek, it is a mandatory purchase. Summing Up: Highly recommended."Choice

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