Social Readers

Promoting Reading in the 21st Century

by Leslie B. Preddy


Reading is not traditionally thought of as a group activity. But why not? Embracing the need young people have for community and socialization allows us to engage their lifelong reading habits in a natural, habitual manner. The ideas collected here show you how.

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April 2010

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 223
Volumes 1
Size 8 1/2x11
Topics Children's and Young Adult Programs/Reading Promotion and Literacy
  Librarian's Instructional Role/Teaching Resources, K-12
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A compilation of over 50 reading project ideas, including implementation ideas and examples, helping to promote lifelong reading habits while meeting the social and interactive needs of today's youth.

Social Readers: Promoting Reading in the 21st Century is about making reading meaningful to the Web 2.0 generation through active engagement and socially interactive projects. Organized into four broad categories—entertainment, active participation, control and choice, and technology—the book offers more than 50 specific project ideas for promoting reading in the classroom, school, library media center, or public library.

Each project includes a description, cost estimate, planning time needed, suggested supplies, and instructions for running the project successfully. Topics such as sharing, involvement, book promotions, social networking, and developing informed readers are also covered. A preface and introduction provide an overview of the needs and preferences of the current generation of students, a discussion of the necessity for socializing reading, and insights into how to use the book effectively. Bottom line: Social Readers will help librarians and educators change their practices to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of today's students.


  • Step-by-step suggestions for more than 50 projects
  • Over 120 illustrations
  • An appendix of reading themes that can be adopted for an event, club, program, poster, or campaign
  • A bibliography of resource references


  • Includes over 50 specific reading promotion projects that can be used as is or as a springboard for other themes and ideas
  • Offers both new and familiar reading promotion ideas, all updated to meet the socially engaged needs of today's young people
  • Covers ways to promote reading through technology and social networking
  • Suggests ways to include parents, staff, and students in reading projects, training, and events
Author Info

Leslie B. Preddy is library media specialist at Perry Meridian Middle School, Indianapolis, IN, and 2010 Indiana State Teacher of the Year finalist. Her Libraries Unlimited book, SSR with Intervention: A School Library Action Research Project, was named one of the Best Professional Books of 2007 by Teacher Librarian.



"Here is a resource for librarians, classroom and reading teachers, and administrators, providing ideas for interactive projects to encourage reading. Author Preddy is a middle school library media specialist, and based on a reading-intervention program at her school, the book promotes the idea of making reading into a social activity using 'the Three Rs' (reading, relationships, and role models). More than 50 projects, ranging from book clubs and bookmark contests to virtual author visits, are described. Each project description provides cost, length of planning time, supplies, and details for implementation along with samples and forms. . . . Overall, however, this is a good how-to resource for the novice and a refresher for the veteran."Booklist Online

"This book gives lots of suggestions for promoting reading or, at least, triggering ideas for some other activities that might be better tailored to the school's population."VOYA

"This resource is an excellent addition to all school and public libraries. . . . Highly recommended."Library Media Connection

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