Science, Math, Checkmate

32 Chess Activities for Inquiry and Problem Solving

by Alexey W. Root


Chess captivates children. Connect their interest to education with Science, Math, Checkmate, an activity book and teacher resource for grades 3–8.

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January 2008

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Pages 144
Volumes 1
Size 8 1/2x11
Topics Librarian's Instructional Role/Curriculum and Instruction, K-12

This book helps educators and librarians prepare students to succeed in University Interscholastic League (UIL) Chess Puzzle.

Students learn chess rules and strategies through activities coded to the 32 pawns and pieces on a chessboard. The 16 pawn activities require no chess knowledge, 14 of the piece activities build on students' growing familiarity with chess, and the 2 king activities challenge budding chess experts. Within the chess activities, students practice national standards of scientific inquiry and mathematical problem solving. Improved thinking in science, math, and chess are the winning results: Checkmate!

The introductory chapter discusses the scientific inquiry and mathematical problem solving standards, explains the coding system for the chess activities, and details what materials should be purchased. Chapters 2 (scientific inquiry), 3 (mathematical problem solving), and 4 (inter-disciplinary) each contain 10-12 activities at different grade and chess levels. The book ends with an appendix of the rules of chess. It includes approximately 100 chess diagrams. Grading rubrics and check lists are offered with each activity to assist teachers in assessing student learning.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Max and Hiroko WarshauerChapter 1: The Curriculum GameChapter 2: Scientific InquiryChapter 3: Mathematical Problem SolvingChapter 4: InterdisciplinaryChapter 5: Chess BasicsAppendix A: Chess TestAppendix B: Answer Key for ActivitiesAppendix C: Review of Kasparov and Polgar CurriculaGlossaryReferencesIndex



". . . Dr. Root gives further encouragement, ideas, plans and support to the classroom teacher."

"Science, Math, Checkmate is a collection of 32 lesson plans designed to provide a practical link between chess instruction and national standards in elementary and middle school math and science instruction, with occasional forays into English and history. It is ground-breaking and valuable precisely because it accomplishes the critical important work described above: it sells chess by tying it to established educational standards."Chess Life

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