Princess Peacock

Tales from the Other Peoples of China

by Haiwang Yuan


Discover more than 50 folktales from China's many minorities, as well as background information on each of the ethnic groups.

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August 2008

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Pages 332
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Children's and Young Adult Programs/Storytelling, Resources and Collections
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This book fills a gap in the folklore literature by offering representative folktales from China's minorities, as well as background information on each of the ethnic groups. You'll find more than 50 fantastic and engaging tales, such as Princess Peacock, A Golden Deer, and The Toad General. The stories are organized by type—Animal Tales, Moral Stories, Tales of Deities, Legends, and so on—with the group of origin noted for each tale. In addition, the book contains historical background on the minority groups, recipes, games, crafts, a map, a glossary of terms, color photos, and black & white design motifs.


  • China, the most populous country in the world, is also a nation of great diversity. In addition to the majority population of Han Chinese, there are some 56 officially recognized national minorities—including Tibetan, Mongol, Manchu, Zhuang, Dai, and Gaoshan. The folklore of these minorities is often obscure and difficult to find, as is information about the people, their cultural histories, and their traditional customs. This book fills a gap by offering more than 50 representative folktales from China's minorities, as well as background information on each of the ethnic groups.
Table of Contents

ForewordAcknowledgmentsIntroductionMap of ChinaPart 1: Chinese Ethnicities and Their Culture: An OverviewPart 2: Food, Games, and CraftsPart 3: The Tales



"Yuan begins with a cultural overview of representative ethnic minorities, touching on languages, customs, clothing, religions, and festivals. ...teachers and librarians developing curricula for the study of China will find this new volume a valuable asset, as will storytellers looking for source material."School Library Journal

"This well-organized and richly documented volume is designed to give the American reader a fair view of China as a multi-ethic nation of diverse cultures…The contents of Princess Peacock provide extremely valuable material for the families of the many Chinese children adopted by Americans by introducing and reinforcing knowledge of their ethnic origins."American Folklore Society Children's Section


2010 Storytelling World Award - Honors, Special Storytelling Resources — Storytelling World

2009 Aesop Accolade — American Folklore Society Children's Section

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