Teen Chick Lit

A Guide to Reading Interests

by Christine Meloni


When Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary crossed the pond in 1998, chick lit became the rage for women in their twenties and thirties. Now, their younger sisters enjoy it too. Chick lit has become one of the most popular genres for young women in the 21st century—even meriting a Library of Congress subject heading.

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December 2009

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 211
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Grade 6-12
Topics Children's and Young Adult Services/Readers' Advisory Services
  Children's and Young Adult Collection Management/Literature, Lists and Special Collections

This comprehensive guide to one of the newest genres is the first of its kind—it maps and describes more than 500 chick lit titles for today's 'tween and teen readers.

Teen chick lit continues to flood an already-flourishing market. Teen Chick Lit: A Guide to Reading Interests well help public librarians and school media specialists handle the onslaught for collection development, readers' advisory, and promotion. This comprehensive guide categorizes and describes more than 500 titles in 6 major subgenres to help readers find the books they want.

After an introduction that introduces readers to the genre, successive chapters focus on six popular subgenres, with definitions and annotated lists of titles. Chapters are further organized by subgenres and themes, grouping titles according to reading interests. Each title entry provides full bibliographic information, as well as age recommendations, book awards, media connections, a list of keywords, and a lively annotation.


  • Identifies, organizes, and describes more than 500 current chick lit titles that appeal to ‘tween and teen readers
  • Divides titles into categories by subgenre and theme; and offers descriptive annotations and age recommendations
  • Will assist public librarians and school media specialists with collection development, help with readers' advisory and reference questions, and provide ways to promote this popular genre
Series Description

Genreflecting Advisory Series

Significantly expanded and updated, the titles in this highly acclaimed series are designed to help you quickly locate the kind of fiction your library patrons are looking for. Each title includes the latest reads and reading trends within a genre and identifies subgenres, similar titles, read-alikes, and relevant online resources. Annotations describe and evaluate the best, the most popular, and the most representative books in a genre, noting special features of the works and referencing or comparing them to related publications. Brief historical overviews, award information, section tabs for quick reference, and practical guidelines for advising readers are just some of the features you will find in these useful guides. Designed for easy access, these books are compact enough to be carried into the stacks and simple enough to be used by general readers. Essential for readers' advisory and ready-reference, they are also excellent tools for acquisitions and collection development.
Author Info

Christine Meloni has been a librarian for more than 11 years. Recently she has written about trends in young adult literature in Library Media Connection, including one of the first articles about teen chick lit. She currently is the library media specialist at John W. Dodd Middle School in Freeport, NY, and adjunct professor at the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at Long Island University, where she teaches how to use literature in the school media center.

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