Library 2.0 and Beyond

Innovative Technologies and Tomorrow's User

by Nancy Courtney


Library 2.0: does everyone seem to know what this means except you? Or are you reasonably well informed but wondering what challenge to take on next? In this new work, Nancy Courtney has assembled some of the most forward looking thinkers in the library world to describe the next generation of online tools. Beginning with Steven J. Bell, each contributor introduces his or her favorite technology, outlines its use, and discusses its potential in today's library environment.

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June 2007

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 164
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Information Systems and Technology/General

Library 2.0: does everyone seem to know what this means except you? In this new work, Nancy Courtney has assembled some of the most forward-looking thinkers in the library world to describe and explain the next generation of online tools, including blogs and wikis, social networking and tagging technologies, folksonomies, podcasting, and virtual reality libraries.


  • Topical coverage includes blogs and wikis, social networking and tagging technologies, folksonomies, podcasting, gaming, digital storytelling, the new catalog, and virtual reality libraries.


  • Beginning with Steven J. Bell, each contributor introduces his or her favorite technology, outlines its use, and discusses its potential in today's library environment.
Table of Contents

Preface Steven BellChapter 1: Web 2.0 and Library 2.0: What Librarians Need to Know Elizabeth L. BlackChapter 2: Library Catalog 2.0 Michael CaseyChapter 3: The Wonderful World of Wikis: Applications for Libraries Chad BoeningerChapter 4: Podcasting in Libraries Chris KretzChapter 5: Handheld Computers in Libraries Christopher StrauberChapter 6: Mashups and Web Services Eric SchnellChapter 7: Online Social Networking Brian S. MathewsChapter 8: Folksonomies and User-Based Tagging Ellyssa KroskiChapter 9: up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,a,b,select, start: Learning from Games and Gamers in Library 2.0 David WardChapter 10: Library 2.0 and Virtual Worlds = Innovation + Exploration Lori Bell, Tom Peters, and Kitty PopeChapter 11: Digital Storytelling, Libraries, and Community Karen Diaz and Anne M. FieldsSuggested ReadingsIndexAbout the Editor and Contributors



"In Library 2.0 and Beyond, editor Courtney puts forth more academic treatment of Web/Library 2.0 concepts with contributed chapters on library catalogs, wikis, podcasting, handhelds, mashups. . . social networking, folksonomies and user-based tagging, gaming concepts as learning tools, virtual worlds and digital storytelling. . . . Useful to academic librarians and library students looking for more in-depth coverage."Library Journal

"[A]n absorbing and useful introduction to the technologies that form the tools of the Library 2.0 movement. . . . The beginner-friendly approach and strong examples make Library 2.0 and Beyond a useful tool for librarians who wish to discuss Library 2.0 initiatives and their adaptations with others who may not be expert on the topic. . . . Due to its accessibility and extensive resource lists, the book is highly recommended for anyone interested in gaining more knowledge of the tools of Library 2.0."Public Services Quarterly

"Useful for the information professional seeking a concise introduction to Web 2.0 tools and how they can be developed in a library context. Moving past theoretical discussions about how libraries interact with the participatory Web, this volume draws on the insight of successful 2.0 practitioners to demystify the field's most significant buzzword. Like other recent works on the subject, Library 2.0 and Beyond runs the gamut of innovative library technologies. . . . These topics are consistently explored with brevity and clarity by their authors. Complex issues are presented in understandable terms by librarians who have used 2.0 tools to improve the user experience. . . . Recommended for anyone who wants to become more familiar with the range of creative tech-based experimentation flourishing in the library field. Each chapter is a jumping-off point for practical programming, offering insights and best practices as well as suggested readings for those who want to further extend their knowledge."Reference & User Services Quarterly

"Librarians new to the concepts of Web/Library 2.0 will find more than enough introductory material in this volume to aid them in developing a firmer grasp of what Web 2.0 is and how it is being used to improve library services. Those who already possess a more nuanced understanding of these concepts will find a rich resource in this book as it provides considerable analysis, numerous examples, best practices, and further readings on many of the most discussed Web 2.0 technologies."Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Resear

"Highly recommended for modern libraries confronting the challenges of the modern century's technological advances."Midwest Book Review

"How can your library take advantage of emerging ideas and become part of your patrons' increasingly digital lifestyle? Not only are the technologies clearly explained in these pages, but each contributor takes pains to offer concrete guidance regarding library applications and implementations."American Libraries

"Editor Courtney has pulled together the best and the brightest who write and practice Web 2.0 to author chapters on next-generation online tools. This text is not a how-to on Web 2.0; rather, each chapter simply explains an online tool, and how it is being used today, using a few superb library examples (ranging from public to academic), and then discusses future possibilities. The suggested readings exemplify the notion of Web 2.0 and publishing, as the recommendations are well balanced between journal articles and freely accessible blog entries. This is a must-have to any library wanting to stay relevant in today's ever-changing and challenging environment."Booklist

"Blogging, podcasting, wikis, MySpace, social bookmarking, gaming, mashups, folksonomies-what do these words mean? Want to learn more on what they are and how you and/or your library can use them? Then Library 2.0 and Beyond is the resource for you. The book has 11 chapters, and each one focuses on a particular Library 2.0 technology. Chapters are written by different authors who have the knowledge and experience in their particular interest. The authors provide background information, describe the technology and or tools, give practical applications on using them, how they use have used them, and give suggestions for you."Colorado Associaton of Libraries

"If you do not know what is going on in the world of wiki's, blogs, podcasting, PDAs, mashups and social networking (MySpace etc.), specifically in the library context, then this is the book for you. These issues are dealt with in a series of short chapters and there are helpful references for further reading and exploration. The cast of contributors is impressive. . . this is not a work of science fiction or fantasy. It is part documentary and part visionary. "Program

"Because the book focuses on services and the issues associated with their implementation, and does not include step-by-step user guides, it remains relevant in 2009, despite its 2007 publication date. It is recommended for librarians unfamiliar with Library 2.0 concepts who wish to learn about applying a range of collaborative technologies in a library context, and for comprehensive library studies collections."The Electronic Library

"This is an excellent primer for the technically bewildered. ...The book is an undoubted success in its own terms and is well worth spending time on..."Library Review

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