Law and Libraries

The Public Library

by Lee Ann Torrans


The liabilities facing unwary librarians are explained, including recommendations on how best to avoid them.

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April 2004

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 272
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Management and Administration/Information Policy
  Librarianship: Philosophy, Values, and Issues/General
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How does the law affect public librarians and the daily operations of the library? This engaging survey covers a vast number of issues—many of which are the subject of entire courses and thousands of articles—and makes them accessible to those outside of the legal field. The author, a practicing lawyer with extensive experience in the field of library and information science, carefully elucidates many of the dangers facing the unwary librarian and offers recommendations on how best to avoid legal problems.

Timely issues such as trademarks, whistle-blowing laws, the Patriot Act, and privacy laws after 9/11 are given thorough treatment. Also covered are copyrights, fair use, library archiving, licensing, contracts, implications and limitations of linking, privacy and filtering, the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act, websites and library liabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act, sexual harassment, policies and procedures, and more.

Table of Contents

IntroductionSexual Harassment in the LibraryEmployment Law in the LibraryPatron Privacy in the LibraryCopyright in the LibraryCopyright and Electronic AccessFair Use of Copyrighted MaterialUnpublished Material and Library UseLibrary Archiving and Section 108: Internet Service Provider and the Copyright ActRegulation of Access to Information in the LibraryLicensing Agreements in the LibraryWeb Sites and Library AccessTrademarks in the LibraryDisabilities and the LibraryPolicies and Procedures: A Difference with Significance



Defending a lawsuit is costly and is neither an enjoyable nor a productive use of time. Therefore, legal issues should be near the top of the list of the million issues with which library managers need to be acquainted. They need to know enough about the law of copywrite, privacy, employment, and so forth, to stay out of trouble by crafting policies that are consistent with the law and by spotting potential legal issues so they can refer them to their attorney. Lee Ann Torrans's book can assist public library managers in achieving these goals....Assuming an intelligent and competent public library manager and an intelligent and competent staff who communicate with the manager, this book will be useful. After all, legal knowledge is not everything.—The Library Quarterly

The author, a practicing attorney with a master's degree in library science, brings her considerable knowledge and expertise to bear in this book that examines many legal issues facing librarians....Discussions are clearly explained, strengthened by realistic scenarios, and well documented with notes.—Booklist/Professional Reading

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