Victimizing Vulnerable Groups

Images of Uniquely High-Risk Crime Targets

by Charisse Tia Maria Coston, ed.,


Examines particular demographics that are susceptible as targets of crime.

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July 2004


Pages 408
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Crime/General
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Victimization varies across the population. Selected characteristics of some individuals and groups make them more vulnerable to crime than others. This is the first reader to focus on the most vulnerable among us. Based in science and free of statistical jargon, this collection goes beyond cursory explanations to examine victimization experiences among members of uniquely susceptible crime targets. Such groups include: homeless women; pregnant drug addicts; inmates with H.I.V.; international students; residents of developing nations; and non-human animals.

Coston identifies twenty-five sub-groups and uses a multi-disciplinary approach to provide readers with important background information, an outline of fundamental issues, and a variety of particular germinal ideas. Contributors present a well-rounded view of the nature of the problems faced by each group, including critiques of past and current initiatives and suggestions for practical policy strategies.

Table of Contents

AcknowledgementsAbout the ContributorsForeward by Freda AdlerIntroductionMultipli-Disadvantaged GroupsFear of Crime among Vulnerable Populations: Homeless Women by Charisse T. M. Coston and James O. FinckenauerWorries about Crime: Rank-Ordering Survival Concerns among Urban Transient Females by Charisse T. M. CostonPersonal and Situational Characteristics of Custodial African American Grandmothers by Dorothy Ruiz, Carolyn Zhu, and Martha CrowderSexual Ecology: Aids in the Black Community by Leon E. PettiwayThe Persecution and Ill-Treatment of African Americans in the Healthcare System in the United States by Robert L. Bing IIIExploiting the Aged in a Familial Setting by Anita Neuberger-BlowersFear of Crime: It's Meaning in the Lives of Elderly Women by Kate Hanrahan and John J. Gibbs"Where are we now Cesar Chavez?": The Unique Vulnerabilities and Victimization Experiences of Mexican Immigrants in the United States by David A. Jenks and Catherine A. JenksThe Undeserving VulnerableThe Intersecting Identities of Being Black,Female, Crack-Addicted, and Pregnant: Vunerabilities, Victimization Experiencees, and Criminalization by Paula K. Rector and Nancy WondersDisregarding Harm: An Examination of the Vulnerabilities of Youth Incarcerated in Adult Correctional Facilities by Pauline K. BrennanCriminal Victimization of Prostitutes: Empirical Support for the Lifestyle/Exposure Model by Charisse T. M. Coston and Lee E. RossAIDS, Violence and Matters of Respect: Family and Peer Relations of African-American and Latino Convicted Felons by Laura T. FishmanThe Uniquely, Uniquely VulnerableFear of Crime among Foreign Students in the United States by Charisse T. M. CostonVictims in Underdeveloped Countries by Diane C. Bates and Joanne Ardovini-BrookerLow Crime Rates in Bahrain: Islamic Social Control-Testing the Theory of Synnomie by Charisse T. M. Coston and Adel A. HelalThe Teacher, Actor even the Candlestick Maker, Victims All-A Look At Government Sanctioned Victimizatioin during the Red Scare of the 1950s by Babette M. ProtzNon-Human Animals as Victims: Victimology and the Animal Rights Movement by Bonnie BerryThe Exploitation, Victimization, and Unique Vulnerablitites of Native Americans by Courtney C. PetersenRemoval of Southwest Michigan Potawatomi: Governmental Drimes of Oppression and Cultural Genocide by Linda M. RobynThe Victimization of Women: A Theoretical Perspective on Dowry Deaths in India by Mangai NatarajanVictims of Airport Screener Assaults: Terrorism and U. S. Capitalism at Work by Bonnie BerryThe Differentially-VulnerableSocial Distance and Vulnerability: The Case of Sexual Orientation by Garofalo and BryantThe Perilous Existence of Children in Circuses, Carnivals, and Freak Shows by Amit R. PatelDiscredited Victims of Childhood Violence by Harold PepinskyAnti-Abortion Stalkers by Charlotte A. Dudley



This is a fantastic book that addresses a number of stigmatized and, unfortunately, too often victimized groups. The book notably includes a handful of articles highlighting groups that have had their fair share of journal time (albeit not as much as warranted), such as minorities and the elderly. However, the volume also includes articles on such unseen and unwritten-about victim groups as international students, citizens of underdeveloped countries, and nonhuman animals....Coston definitely succeeds in bringing together stories of a variety of vulnerable individuals and demonstrating the need for more research in all victimology areas.—Criminal Justice Review

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