Unearthly Visions

Approaches to Science Fiction and Fantasy Art

by Gary Westfahl, George Slusser, Kathleen Church Plummer, ed.


Surveys the entire history of science fiction and fantasy art and provides focused examinations of particular genres and artists.

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January 2002


Pages 174
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics The Arts/General

A pioneering scholarly examination of the rich and fascinating fields of science fiction and fantasy art, this book stimulates scholarly interest in these areas by offering both surveys of the entire history of these traditions and focused examinations of particular genres and artists. In contrast to existing studies of science fiction and fantasy art, this volume argues that the subject needs to be explored within different contexts, such as literary history, art history, and cultural history. In addition, it maintains that certain trends should be followed across the field, such as art displaying recurring iconic images and art related to particular subgenres.

The volume places special emphasis on studies that connect science fiction and fantasy artists to the authors and works they have illustrated. The contributors include several internationally recognized and award-winning science fiction writers and scholars. In addition to its historical surveys, the book provides detailed examinations of space art, representative artists Richard M. Powers and Frank Frazetta, and the major illustrators of noted children's author Margaret Wise Brown and famed fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Iconology of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art by George SlusserApproaches to Science Fiction ArtArtists in Wonderland: Toward a True History of Science Fiction Art by Gary WestfahlThe Northrop Continuum: Science Fiction Illustration and the Flying Wing Aircraft by Howard V. HendrixLess is More: Empty Space, Invisibility, and Modern Design by Kathleen Church Plummer"Getting It Right": A Reflection on Titans and Technologies by Gregory BenfordThe Vision of Space: The Artist's View by Samuel VasbinderShapes from the Edge of Time: The Science Fiction Artwork of Richard M. Powers by Kirk Hampton and Carol MacKayApproaches to Fantasy ArtNotes on the Geography of Bad--and Good--Fantasy Art by John CluteArchaeological Fieldwork in the Paper Tiger Stacks Report #43: A Short Happy History of Fantasy Art by John GrantWisdom and Clemency: The Collaborations of Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd by Lynne Lundquist and Gary Westfahl"And What Happened After": How J.R.R. Tolkien Visualized, and Other Artists Re-Visualized, the Denizens of Middle-earth by Beatrix Karthaus-HuntConan the Oxymoron: The Civilized Savage of Robert E. Howard and Frank Frazetta by David HinckleyBibliographyIndex



...this book deserves the attention as an important early step toward thinking about fantastic art.—Science Fiction Studies 2002

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