Theatre, Opera, and Audiences in Revolutionary Paris

Analysis and Repertory

by Emmet Kennedy, Marie-Laurence Netter, james P. McGregor, Mark V. Olsen


...A comprehensive inventory of theatre performances announced in Parisian newspapers during the decade of the French Revolution; introduced by an intelligent revisionist overview of the historiography of French Revolutionary theatre.

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February 1996


Pages 424
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Popular Culture/Music and Performing Arts
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This comprehensive inventory is the result of a study of all performances of plays and operas announced in two Parisian newspapers during the decade of the French Revolution. The research conducted by a team of French and American historians tests the two-century-old assumption that Parisian theatre during the French Revolution was nothing more than a forum for political debate. This work will be an important resource for scholars of French theatre, opera, and literature, as well as for historians of the French Revolution.

Table of Contents

PrefaceHistory of the Problem and the Method of Solving It by Emmet KennedyThe Authors by Marie-Laurence NetterThe Most Performed Plays of the Decade by Emmet KennedyThe Great Successes of Each Year by Marie-Laurence NetterOld Regime Tragedy and the Terror by Emmet KennedyThe Most Performed Genres and Their Evolution by Marie-Laurence NetterTheatres and Their Directors by Marie-Laurence NetterHigh Culture and Popular Culture: Paris Theatre Audiences, the Critics, and the Police by Emmet KennedyConclusion by Emmet Kennedy and Marie-Laurence NetterRepertory of French Revolutionary TheatreRepertory of Anonymous or Unattributed PlaysIndex of Titles and AuthorsIndex of Composers and AuthorsStatistical Overview and TablesReferences



....this book should become a standard reference source for cultural historians engaged in any study focusing on the years 1789-1799 in France.—European Studies Journal

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