Supply Chain Security

International Practices and Innovations in Moving Goods Safely and Efficiently

by Andrew R. Thomas, Editor


Fell off the truck. Dropped off the boat. Never got there. Disappeared into the thin air. All businesses deal with the difficulties of maintaining a secure supply chain. It is estimated that at least 15 percent of everything moved between vendors or from producers to consumers doesn’t reach its destination, falling prey to everything from mismanagement to heists to cyber thievery to brazen piracy, as seen recently in Somalia.

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March 2010


Pages 476
Volumes 2
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/International

A practical, global-centric view of how to make the worldwide supply chain safer, more resilient, and efficient.

With more and more enterprises managing supply operations that reach farther and farther from headquarters, Supply Chain Security: International Practices and Innovations in Moving Goods Safely and Efficiently could not be more timely or well-targeted. This comprehensive two-volume set is the first look at the present and future of supply chain management, and the full range of threats to supply chain security.

Each volume of Supply Chain Security focuses on a specific area: the first explores the historic context and current operational environment in which supply chain security must function. Volume Two is a look at emerging issues that includes proven, innovative steps companies and governments can take to counter the inherent risks of moving goods and people more safely and efficiently. Reflecting its subject, this resource is truly global in perspective, with contributions from 18 countries and over two-thirds of its contributors from outside the United States. No company that does business internationally should be without this essential resource.


  • Comprises 24 chapters combining original, cutting-edge research and insight
  • Includes the work of 35 expert contributors, representing 18 countries
  • Presents 40 photos and illustrations depicting supply chain threats and security measures
  • Offers a comprehensive index


  • Provides the most comprehensive look at supply chain security ever undertaken
  • Takes a truly global look at a truly global problem
  • Offers step-by-step breakdowns of best practices and innovative security measures
  • Addresses a topic made even more urgent by recent episodes of sea piracy, copyright infringement, and intellectual property theft
Series Description

Praeger Security International

As the world gets "smaller" through technology and globalization, the security risks we face grow and multiply.

International security in the 21st century is not a topic that can be adequately addressed in nightly news soundbites or online articles intended to be relevant for 24 hours or less. Comprehending these complex issues requires insight from foreign policy specialists, diplomats, military officials, peace scholars, historians, and security experts—participants and observers on all sides of each conflict. This series provides the tools for understanding security issues in our uncertain, unstable world.

Covering global hot spots from Iran to Venezuela and subjects ranging from terrorism and cyber warfare to food security, books in the Praeger Security International series give readers access to carefully considered and highly informed viewpoints on the critical security issues that threaten to destabilize our world. With titles authored by diplomats, academic researchers, journalists, military leaders and combatants, legal experts, psychologists, and other knowledgeable specialists, these books offer in-depth analysis and international perspectives that are unavailable in the mass media. These titles represent an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and policymakers as well as for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the complex issues that affect our lives and future.


  • Provides reliable, comprehensive information on all matters relating to security that is ideal for students, teachers, researchers, and professionals
  • Offers insightful commentaries written by a diverse group of scholars and experts who provide interdisciplinary treatments of newsworthy events and important historical occurrences
Author Info

Andrew R. Thomas is assistant professor of international business and associate director of The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at University of Akron, Akron, OH. A New York Times bestselling business writer, Thomas is author, coauthor, or editor of 15 books, including Global Manifest Destiny: Growing Your Business in a Borderless Economy, Aviation Security Management (Three volumes), Change or Die!: How to Transform Your Organization from the Inside Out, Direct Marketing in Actionn: Cutting-Edge Strategies for Finding and Keeping the Best Customers, Managing by Accountability: What Every Leader Needs to Know about Responsibility, Integrity—and Results,, Defining the Really Great Boss, and Aviation Insecurity: The New Challenges of Air Travel.

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