Spiritual Reflections

A Journey through the Scriptures

by Henry G. Covert


Examines various areas of life through a spiritual lens

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July 2008


Pages 200
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Religion/Theology
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What is forgiveness? How can we be truly grateful for our lives? What does spiritual healing really mean? How can we attain inner peace, joy, and contentment? So many spiritual questions confront us on a daily basis it is hard to know how to answer each and yet still experience spirituality in a meaningful way. Here, Covert offers a devotional and educational source that provides practical insights for the reader into how to lead each day more spiritually.

Broken into thematic sections, each brief chapter examines a passage of scripture in its biblical context, with an emphasis upon how the text speaks to us today. The topics, which provide scripture from both the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, speak to every aspect of life, offering guidance, strength, and hope. The lessons and themes, which provide inner strength and renewal, speak to one's deepest needs. Scriptures are presented in their simplest form and Covert makes them pertinent to everyday life. Whether pastor or lay person, young or old, this is a book that speaks to the heart, crossing all denominational lines and cultural divides.

Table of Contents



1. Supernatural Love

2. Faithfulness

3. Trusting in Gods Promises

4. Compassion

5. Divine Guidance

6. The Great Commission

7. Repentance

8. Facing Trials

9. Resisting Temptation

10. Commitment

11. Servanthood

12. Gifts of the Spirit

13. Transforming Grace

14. Deliverance and Renewal

15. Miracles and Signs

16. Thankfulness

17. Witness for God

18. Disobedience and the End Times

19. Hope and Victory




"With this book, Dr. Henry Covert continues his mission of providing interpretations and insights into the Bible with one aim: to change the life of the reader through a close relationship with God. Pastor Covert draws on his understanding of scripture and his own rich and varied life experience to examine more than 100 Old and New Testament passages for lessons on faith, hope, love, compassion, sacrifice, obedience, redemption and triumph in today's world. This book teaches, inspires and gives readers new understanding to achieving a changed life through a close connection to the Lord. It should be read by all who seek spiritual growth."—Paul M. Hallacher, PhD, Director, Research Program Management, Penn State University

"A breath of fresh air will greet those who read, pray and meditate upon Henry Covert's Spiritual Reflections. He presents a deep faith journey, which unfolds with spiritual insights, biblical depth as well as an authentic manner of sharing the inner and outer experience of Christian Spirituality. Those who pick up this book will find help, inspiration, questions to ponder and a wealth of experience. The author explores real life and offers a faith perspective that is straightforward and insightful."—Pastor Barry Folmar, Saint John Lutheran Church, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

"This book is a fresh and inspirational look at various scriptural passages and stories. Because it addresses the meanings of Biblical passages and their relevancy to our everyday life, it is best read as a devotional and is a welcome companion to the Bible. In it, scripture is interpreted, placed in an interesting historical background, and then given its currency in our present age. Spiritual Reflections forcefully shows both the Bible's timelessness and its timeliness. Dr. Covert's book is more than an intellectual exercise; it engages one emotionally and confronts us with the choices Christ still wants us to make."—John McCullough, MSS, State College, Pennsylvania

"The words in this book reflect the sense of God's grace experienced by Henry Covert in his many years of ministry in the church and among the incarcerated. Those who pick up this book looking for the assurance of God's presence in the life of a faithful Christian will not be disappointed. His journey through the Scriptures illuminates the human journey that all of us are on together."—The Rev. Allen M. Fluent, D.Min.

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