The Ramparts of Nations

Institutions and Immigration Policies in France and the United States

by Jeffrey M. Togman


Provides a comparative analysis of French and U.S. immigration policies from 1945 to 2000.

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October 2001


Pages 176
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Politics, Law, and Government/Comparative Politics
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Togman provides a comparative analysis of French and U.S. immigration policies from 1945 to 2000. He explores why nations implement the immigration policies they do, why some governments allow or even encourage large-scale immigration while others restrict it, why some states shift from liberal to restrictive entry policies and vice versa.

Focusing on critical historical junctures, Togman illustrates how different institutional structures in France and the United States led these countries to implement divergent entry policies. Political institutions are shown to act as an intervening variable, helping determine what, if any, influence other factors such as economic conditions and cultural traditions have over a nation's immigration laws. Scholars and students of French politics, U.S. politics, comparative politics, and immigration policies will find this work helpful.

Table of Contents

PrefaceIntroductionExplaining Immigration PoliciesThe United StatesLazarus Betrayed and VindicatedU.S. Immigration Policies in Hard TimesCross-Cutting ReformsFranceBienvenueFrench Immigration Policies in Hard TimesThe New Politics of French ImmigrationConclusionImmigration Policies in Comparative PerspectiveBibliographyIndex



[a] most welcome contribution to the emprical study of immigration policy, as well as to the more general literature on the impact of political institutions.—International Migration review

[t]his is an important contribution to our understanding the role of political institutions in the development of immigration policy. This book is clearly written and relates a strong historical exposition to a clear analysis of the theoretical literature. More than most of the literature in this field, this fine study builds and expands on what we know and raises new questions that will be source of future research.—Journal of American Ethnic History

^IThe Ramparts of Nations^R is a succinct and clearly articulated book that will be of benefit to those readers interested in immigration policy.—American Political Science Review

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