Race, Ethnicity, and Education

by E. Wayne Ross, gen. ed., Valerie Ooka Pang, gen. ed.


Important, original essays present a cross-disciplinary examination of multicultural education, linguistic diversity, racial and ethnic identity, and anti-racist educational practices.

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June 2006


Pages 1296
Volumes 4
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Race and Ethnicity/General
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Race, Ethnicity, and Education moves beyond traditional thinking and approaches to multicultural education to more accurately reflect the dramatically changing circumstances faced by North American schools in an age of globalization. The volumes address ways in which race and ethnicity affect learning across the life span, at all levels of formal education as well as in informal educational settings. Issues of school curriculum, instruction, and administration are examined. These volumes aim to address both the foundational assumptions and the practices of education in relation to changing conceptions of race and ethnicity.

Volume One, Principles and Practices of Multicultural Education, examines issues of equity, school reform, teacher education, and school leadership. Volume 2, Language and Literacy in Schools, presents an overview of language and literacy learning for Latino and Asian American students, and gives general and specific recommendations for improved performance. The third volume, Racial Identity in Education, examines concepts of racial and ethnic identity and how they affect teaching and learning. The final volume, Racism and Antiracism in Education, looks at color-blind racism; white supremacy in the curriculum; race and testing; critical race pedagogy and anti-racist education; and globalization. Outstanding scholars contributing to this timely collection include: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva; George J. Sefa Dei; Donna Y. Ford; Vivian Gadsden; Carl A. Grant; Edmund W. Gordon; Joyce E. King; and Kevin K. Kumashiro.

Table of Contents

Volume 1: Principles of Multicultural EducationGeneral Editors' Introduction by Valerie Ooka Pang and E. Wayne RossIntroduction: Race, Ethnicity, and Education: Principle and Practices of Multicultrual Education by Valerie Ooka PangFoundations of Multicultural EducationMulticulturalism Matters: Learning from our Past by Yoon PakWhat Is Multicultural Education? Principals and New Directions by Valerie Ooka Pang, Jessica Gordon Nembhard, and Kathi HolowachHuman Learning and Cognitive Development: Conceptual Foundations of Multicultural Education by Brenda X. Mejia and Edmund W. GordonAddressing Equity Issues In SchoolsCritical Multicultural Social Studies: A Dialogue from the Borderlands: The Borderlands Collective for Social Justice by Marc Pruyn, et al.Religious Identities and Religious Stereotypes: Their Roles in School by Binaya SubediListening to African American Males' Conceptions of High Stakes Tests by Carl A. Grant and Anthony L. BrownLeadership, Community Partnerships, and Curriculum in Culturally Diverse SchoolsSeeing with Cultural Eyes: Leadership for Change in Multicultural Schools by Olga WelchMisconceptions in the Education of African American Students: We Believe In Education by Mary Anderson and Gwen Webb-JohnsonCuturally Meaningful Classrooms: The Five C's of Best Practices by Patricia J. Larke, et al.School Reform and Teacher EducationSeeking Educational Justice for Hmong Children: The Journey and Transformation of Two Professors Given the Opportunity of Working With Hmong Students by Clif Tanabe and Ron RochonResisting Resistance in Multicultural Teacher Education by Geneva Gay and Carolyn JacksonMulticultural Teacher Education: Preparing Teachers for Educational Equity by Francisco Rios and Allen TrentVolume 2: The Social Contexts and Professional Development for Teachers of Linguistically Diverse StudentsBut She Speaks English by Lee GundersonThe Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach: An Update by Anna Uhl ChamotPreparing Teachers to Work With Second Language Learners by Vicki Nilles, Leticia Alvarez and Francisco Rios What Happened to Social Studies and Civics Education by Evangelina Bustamante-Jones Points of Origin and Community LiteraciesLiteracy Lessons from Both Sides of the Border: Views of Reading and Writing in a Mexican Community by Patrick H. Smith and Robert T.JiménezOaxacan Parents' Perceptions of Literacy Learning by Mario LópezQué Dice Aquí Building on the Translating Experiences of Immigrant Youth for Academic Literacies by Marjorie Faulstick OrellanaAchieving Identities: How Do Youth Identities Matter in School Achievement by Elizabeth MojeParents' Expectations and Children's Early Literacy: Reimagining Parent Engagement through Parent Inquiry by Vivian Gadsden and Aisha RayClassroom Environments and Instructional Practices for English Language LearnersDesiging Powerful Early Literacy Instruction for Diverse Children by Patrick ManyukPerceptions, Tensions, and Practices: A Novice Teacher in a Multilingual "Mainstream" Classroom by Lara J. HandsfieldCreating Literacy Communities in Multicultural and Multilingual Classrooms: Lessons Learned from Two European American Elementary Teachers by Youb Kim and Jennifer TurnerCulturally Congruent Literacy Instruction for Struggling Asian American Readers by Jia-ling Yau and Robert T. JiménezVolume 3: General Editors' Introduction by Valerie Ooka Pang and E. Wayne RossIntroduction: Race, Ethnicity, and Education: Racial Identity in Education by H. Richard Milner and E. Wayne RossFoundational Concepts of Racial Identity in EducationEssentializing Identity Development in the Education of Students of Color by Donna Y. Ford, Tarek C. Grantham and James L. Moore IIIWhat's Race Got To Do With It? Race, Racial Identity Development and Teacher Preparation by Adrienne D. DixonRacial Identiaty DevelopmentPromoting Latina and African American Girls Self Construction in Urban Educational Settings by Janie Victoria Ward and Carmen N. VeloriaLatino Racial Identity: Blurring the Color Blind and Creating Fluid Understandings of Identity by Jason G. IrizzaryFinding My Way to Asian America by Soo HongAsian American Identity Development by Derek Kenji Iwamoto and Leon Caldwell Mixed Heritage People and the Redefinition of Racial Diversity by Matt Kelley and Sasha Tanaka ClarkRace, Sexuality, and Education by Kevin K. Kumashiro and Lance T. McCreadyRacial Identity, Teaching and LearningTh



"The editors' intent is to encourage a transformational environment within which the discourse related to race and ethnicity shifts sufficiently to improve the educational experiences for each student within our increasingly diverse population. Although the goal is lofty, the thoughtful reader is given enough carefully selected depth and breadth within this collection to grasp its significance, which is sufficient to recommend it highly for academic libraries at all levels."Library Journal

"REE is absolutely essential for college-level education collections. It will also be informative for communities that are grappling with social issues in education. As soon as my copy was cataloged, several professors and numerous students visited the reference department to thumb through it. I bet your copy would be heavily used too."Reference & User Services Quarterly

"Ross and Pang draw on their specialties to gather a collection of essays on issues and teaching methods applicable to the multicultural classroom. The four volumes are thematic, containing in turn articles on principles and practice, racism and antiracism, language and literacy, and racial identity, as each relates to education or teaching. Many of the articles incorporate case studies, grapple with current issues the reader will recognize, and often contain methods and approaches for the reader to apply in their own classroom."Reference & Research Book News

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