The Praeger International Collection on Addictions

by Edited by Angela Browne-Miller


This four volume set offers a one-stop source for classic, new, and emerging research and insights regarding substance addictions and other behavioral addictions internationally.

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April 2009


Pages 1609
Volumes 4
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Health & Wellness/Addiction and Substance Abuse

Only the very rare among us are completely unscathed by the effects of addiction - our own, that of a family member, friend, or coworker. Even the addictions of strangers - from the drunk driver or drug addict, to gambling, food, spending, or violence-addicted people - may subject us to dangers, threaten our well-being, and drain money from our pockets. Recent national estimates in just the US show that substance abuse and addiction alone cost taxpayers a total of nearly $500 billion a year. In these volumes, experts from around the world present the newest issues, research, and insights into addictions of all kinds. Led by Angela Browne-Miller, Director of the Metaxis Compulsive and Habitual Behaviors Institute in California, this team of contributors includes scholars and practitioners from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Thailand, Africa, and Russia. Topics range from drug addiction among male, female, teen, and aging populations, and among White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American, and other groups, using liquor, cocaine, methamphetamine, khat, and/or other lesser known drugs, to behavioral addictions including online gaming, excessive buying, and eating disorders. Chapters also address issues including addiction as a public health problem and the politics of drug treatment policies.

Treatment methods for addictions, from electrotherapy to holistic approaches are addressed, as are spiritual, psychological, and cross-cultural issues involved. The experts behind these chapters include those from the University of California, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and Purdue University, to McGill University, Nottingham Trent University, and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Author Info

Dr. Angela Browne-Miller is the founder of Addiction Stoppers based in northern California, director of Metaxis Institute based in northern California, and has been a keynote speaker at conferences around the world on addiction, violence, trauma, and behavior change. Her published works include Praeger's Rewiring Your Self to Break Habits and Addictions: Breaking Free of Problem Patterns, To Have and To Hurt: Recognizing and Changing, or Escaping, Patterns of Abuse in Intimate Relationships, and Raising Thinking Children and Teens: Guiding Mental and Moral Development. Browne-Miller earned two doctorates and two master's degrees at the University of California, Berkeley, where she lectured in three departments for 14 years. She has served as a National Institute of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellow, a U.S. Department of Public Health Fellow; the public relations director for Californians for Drug Free Youth; the Research Education and Treatment Director for the Cokenders Alcohol and Drug Program; an advisor to addiction treatment programs in the United States and several other countries; and project director on several California Department of Health violence prevention projects. She has worked in clinical and educational settings with several thousand persons addicted to, or working with persons addicted to, drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, violent activities, gambling, and gaming, the Internet, food, spending, and to other objects, substances, and activities. Browne-Miller is in private practice in Corte Madera, California. Dr. Browne-Miller is an internationally recognized expert in: issues across the lifespan including childhood, adolescence, college years, parenting, midlife, and aging; abuses, violences, traumas, and addictions affecting persons of all ages; and, adaptation, learning and performance in all stages of life.

Table of Contents

Volume 1, Faces of Addiction, Then and NowPrefaceIntroduction1.Addictions as a Public Health Issue2.Cross-Cultural Issues in Substance Addictions Research Including Black Americans and Latinos3.Race, Ethnicity and Early United States Drug Policy4.Gender Inequalities and Inequities in Women with Substance Abuse Problems5.Ethical Theory and Addiction6.The Religious and Theological Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous7.Adolescent Drug Sellers and Distributor8.Historical Aspects of Alcohol Use in India: Role of Culture and Gender9. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Malaysia10. Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking in Cyprus11. Alcohol Use and Abuse in Poland12. Alcohol Consumption and Binge Drinking in the UK13. Alcohol Use and Abuse in Germany14. From British India To The Taliban: Lessons From The History Of The Heroin Market15. Youth Tobacco Use: The Health Effect, Trends In Smoking Rates, And Reasons Why Kids Use Tobacco16. Brewing Trouble: Some Employment Implications Of Regular Malt Liquor Beer Consumption17. The Roads to H: The Emergence of the American Heroin Complex, 1898-195618.Methadone: The Drug, the Treatment, the Controversy19. Prevalence of Use And Manufacture Of Methamphetamine In The United States Is The Sky Falling Or Is It Not Really A Problem?20. Interaction between Methamphetamine Use And HIV InfectionVolume 2, Psychobiological ProfilesPREFACEINTRODUCTION1.Addiction and Health Promotion2.Becoming a Problematic Consumer of Narcotics3.Adaptation and Addiction4. Co-Occurring Trauma and Substance Use Disorders with Criminal Offenders5. The Role of Allergies in Addictions and Mental Illness6. Alcohol Abuse: Impact on Vital Brain Functions and Societal Implications7. Addiction and Cognitive Control8. Neurobiological Mechanisms and Cognitive Components of Addiction9. Neural Basis for Methamphetamine Addiction Rethinking the Definition of Dependence10. Schizophrenia and Substance Misuse11. Endocannabinoid Hypothesis of Drug Addiction12. Regulation of -Opioid Receptor Desensitization in Sensory Neurons13. Fetal, Neonatal And Early Childhood Effects Of Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure14.Caffeine: Pharmacology and Effects of the World's Most Popular Drug15. Marijuana Withdrawal: A Survey of Symptoms16. Marijuana Interaction with Methamphetamine Addiction17.What Is Methamphetamine and How and Why Is It Used?18. The Short- and Long-Term Medical Effects of Methamphetamine on Children and Adults19. Vapors May Be Dangerous if Inhaled: An Overview of Inhalants and Their Abuse20. The Effects and Abuse Potential of GHB: A Pervasive "Club Drug"21. HIV And Addiction From An African Perspective: Making The Link22. Drug Abuse-Related Hiv/Aids Epidemic in India: Situation and ResponsesVolume 3, Characteristics and Treatment PerspectivesPREFACEINTRODUCTION1.The Social Construction of Drug Policy and Its Impact on Substance Abuse Treatment Philosophies in the United States2.The Philosophy of Denial in Alcohol Studies: Implications for Research3. The Spirituality of Recovery and the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous4. Addictions and free will: a structured exploration of the boundaries of personal and societal responsibility5. Analysis of Intervention, Treatment, Policy, and Law That Contradict Ethical Criteria6. Family Issues in the Field of Addiction Treatment7.Codependence from a Family Systems Perspective8.Best Practices for Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Program Development Co-occurring Mental Illness and Substance Disorders in Various Combinations9.Religiosity as protective against addictions in adolescents.10. Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation in the Treatment of Addictions11. An Analysis of Service Providers Treatment Model Choices For Cocaine-Using Clients: A Case Study12. Translating Efficacy to Effectiveness in Opioid Dependence Treatment13. Shamanistic Harm Reduction Practices14. Therapeutic Approaches, Beliefs, and Perceptions of Providers when Treating Alcohol or Drug Using Clients:Selecting Best Practices15. Brief Telephone-Based Interventions for Clients with Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Problems16. Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcoholics17. Service Profiles: Provider Choices for Treatment of Alcohol-and Cocaine-Using Clients18. An Innovative Approach to Prison Based Substance Use Treatment:The Implementation of Inmate Peer Mentor Programs19. Advances in Corrections Based Treatment:Building the Addiction Treatment Workforce20.Sacred Medicines for Harm Reduction and Substance Abuse21. Entheogen-Enhanced Transpersonal Psychotherapy of Addictions:Focus on Clinical Applications of Ketamine for Treating AlcoholismVolume 4, Behavioral Addictions from Concept to CompulsionPREFACEINTRODUCTION1. Work Addiction: Causes, Consequences, and Choices 2. Addiction to Television: With Commentary on Dependence on Video Games and the Internet 3. Excessive Buying as a Genuine Addictive Behavior 4. Compulsive Buying Disorder 5. Association with Criminality of Habit and Impulse-Control Disorders 6. Troubled IPR Addiction: Habitual Attraction, Abuse, and Violence in Intimate Partner Relationships 7. Craving Pizza? This Is Your Brain on Drugs: Eating Disorders as Addiction 8. Eating Disorders and Disturbances: The Continuum of Eating Disturbances 9. Addiction to Pornography: Its Psychological and Behavioral Implications 10. Assessment and Treatment of Internet Addiction 11. Gambling Addictions 12. Youth Gambling Problems: An International Perspective 13. Macau: China's Entry into the World of Gambling 14. Native American Gambling: Economic Development or Dependence? 15. The Current Climate of Gambling in the United States 16. Online Gaming Addiction: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Treatment 17. Youth Gambling Prevention and Resilience Education: A Harm Reduction Approach



"In this four-volume set for professionals and lay readers, experts from around the world highlight the latest issues and research into addictions of all kinds. The set emphasizes multicultural and international issues in addiction, and covers common topics, such as alcohol abuse and cocaine addiction, as well as addiction to caffeine, pornography, and shopping, highlighting biological, psychological, social, spiritual, and public health perspectives. Volume I offers a sampling of the depth and breadth of addiction and addiction studies today and in the past."SciTech Book News

"...a worthy addition to the literature, in part because it's not written by the usual suspects, and clinicians and scholars of various perspectives will undoubtedly find someone new among the diverse crew of authors."PsycCRITIQUES

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