Philosophical Counseling

Theory and Practice

by Peter B. Raabe


Critiques existing theoretical approaches and practices of philosophical counseling and presents a new model.

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November 2000


Pages 320
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/General

Raabe critiques both existing theoretical conceptions of philosophical counseling and accounts of its practice. He then presents and defends an overarching model of philosophical counseling that captures the best conceptions and reports of practice.

The volume begins with an examination of the principles of philosophical counseling as they have been gathered from theoretical normative hypotheses and from accounts of actual practice. Raabe then presents a new model of philosophical counseling based on the combination of principles presented earlier and experiential data from his private practice. The volume concludes with sample cases from his own practice to illustrate the principles at work in a number of different applications of philosophical counseling. Practicing counselers as well as scholars and advanced students of philosophy, psychology, counseling, and educational guidance will find this work of particular importance.

Table of Contents

IntroductionPhilosophy of Philosophical CounselingA Survey of ConceptionsDeconstructing MethodologiesThe Philosophical Counseling/Psychotherapy DialecticA New ModelA Synthesis of FundamentalsSo What is Philosophical Counseling?PracticeCase Study 1: Short and to the PointCase Study 2: Going Through the StagesCase Study 3: Philosophical Group CounselingCase Study 4: Philosophically Counseling ChildrenAppendix A: The Locations Within the Stages of the Various Approaches and MethodsAppendix B: Some Differences Between Psychotherapy and Philosophical CounselingAppendix C: Steps in an Inquiry into The Meaning of LifeAppendix D: Strategies For Ethical Decision-MakingBibliographyIndex



Recommended for all readership levels.—Choice

This is an intelligent book which makes a major contribution to the growing literature in philosophical this book.—Analytic Teaching

This book, perhaps the first attempt at a comprehensive synthesis of approaches to philosophical counseling, is remarkable above all in its clear-headed look at the claims and practices that comprise this new movement, which has sprung unexpectedly from ancient but long dormant roots.—Practical Philosophy

^IPhilosophical Counseling^R is a thorough catalogue of current approaches and methods.—Philosophy in Review

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