Otto Laske

Navigating New Musical Horizons

by Jerry Tabor


Prominent experts in the fields of composition, theory, cognitive and computational musicology, and computer science explore the impact of Otto Laske's work on their own research and advancements in music and the arts.

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May 1999


Pages 232
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Popular Culture/Music and Performing Arts

Revolutionary approaches to compositional practice and musicological research have been associated with Otto Laske's work for over a quarter of a century. Laske's scientific understanding of the compositional process has made it possible to systematically formalize computer-assisted and computer synthesized music. In this book, international scholars survey new directions in compositional and musicological practices as influenced by Laske's pioneering work. These two seemingly independent areas of inquiry, composition,and musicology, are presented as a comprehensive integration. The essays offer an interdisciplinary examination of issues imbued with ethnographic considerations of the musical experience, research in perception and brain functions, the design of computer-based neural networks that emulate human musical activities, investigations into the psychological make-up of artists, and a unique perspective on how computers are used in many different areas of music. Compositional and cognitive musicological research are placed in a historical perspective and accompanied with contemporary issues surrounding this research. An interview with Otto Laske and two of his own essays are also included.

This study of Otto Laske will appeal to musicologists and students of music theory and composition. Its interdisciplinary content will also interest scholars in a variety of fields including electronic music, ethnomusicology, computer science, artificial intelligence and other cognitive sciences, psychology, and philosophy. Researchers will appreciate the comprehensive bibliography of Laske's compositions and writings.

Table of Contents

IntroductionA Pioneer in Composition and Research by Jerry TaborComposition and Composition TheorySonology: A Questionable Science Revisited by Barry TruaxStructure as Performance: Cognitive Musicology and the Objectification of Compositional Procedure by Michael HammanPROJECT 1 Revisited: On the Analysis and Interpretation of PR1 Tables by Gottfried Michael KoenigCognitive MusicologyA Brief Overview of Otto Laske's Work by Joel ChadabePortrait of an Extraterrestrian by Bernard BelAdequacy Criteria for Models of Musical Cognition by Marc LemanModeling Musical Thinking by Jukka LouhivuoriComposition and Cognitive Musicology in PracticeA Composer's Cognitive Musicology by Nico Schüler"Furies and Voices": Composition-Theoretical Observations by Otto LaskeCreating Music as an Articulation of Prelinguistic Senses of Self (A Lecture) by Otto LaskeThe Newcomp Experiment by Curtis RoadsBibliography: Selected Works of Otto Laske (1964-1998)Index

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