Modernization, Globalization, and Confucianism in Chinese Societies

by Joseph B. Tamney, Linda Hsueh-Ling Chiang


Explores how modernization and globalization are changing the meaning of Confucianism for contemporary Chinese people.

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January 2002


Pages 264
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Topics Geography and World Cultures/Culture

Confucianism has influenced Chinese societies for more than 2,000 years, and such influence is likely to continue in the future. However, during the preceding centuries, the nature of what was understood to be Confucianism has changed, and this process will also continue. Today, the scholarly tradition is adapting both to the modernization of Chinese societies—mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan—and to the emergence of global society.

Tamney and Chiang focus on current social changes, their implications for the Chinese scholarly tradition, and the responses of Confucianists to these changes. Special topics include the response of Confucian scholars to the democracy movement, how politicians are using Confucian beliefs and values, the role of the scholarly tradition in contemporary Chinese popular culture, the challenges to Confucianism resulting from the changing role of women, and how competition with world religions is affecting the scholarly tradition. Throughout the book two themes are explored: the division of Confucianism into traditionalist and modernist forms and the nature of ideological convergence in the contemporary world. Scholars, students, and researchers interested in the ways Confucianism is becoming more similar to Western beliefs and values and in the ways Confucianism is likely to remain distinctive will find the volume invaluable.

Table of Contents

PrefaceA Brief Overview of the History of Confucianism from the Perspective of Modernization TheoryScholors and the Transformation of ConfucianismGovernments and the Tranformation of ConfucianismArtistic Culture, Popular Culture, and ConfucianismChanging Gender Roles, the Women's Movement, and ConfucianismThe Religious Market in Sinitic SocietiesGlobalization and ConfucianismReferences



For general readers—Choice

[A] useful contribution to the growing literature on globalization and religion.—Sociology of Religion

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