Managing Impressions with Information Technology

by Jon W. Beard, ed.


Expands the field of impression management to incorporate the evolving role of information technology.

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October 2004


Pages 224
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Marketing, Advertising and Sales
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The contributors to this volume demonstrate the evolving ways in which impression management is conducted through the use of information technology. Whether consciously or unconsciously, individuals create and manage impressions of themselves when they use or interact with IT or in an IT environment. How? By managing the symbolism embedded in the technology. For example, technology is often the primary medium in interactions between a client and a work team, or virtual team, dedicated to servicing the needs of that client. The team itself may be geographically dispersed, lending a deeper layer to the management of impressions among members of the team via their use of technology, including e-mail, groupware, videoconferencing, and Intranet development.

Researchers in the behavioral effects and consequences of information technology will find much of value here. This book is also of interest to information technology practitioners and professors alike who work with or study the broader organizational and individual signals, perceptions, and effects of IT-related decisions. Graduate students will find it appropriate as supplemental reading for courses on the organizational implications of IT, the behavioral effects of IT, the impact of IT on corporate strategy, and the impact of organizational design decisions.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Jon W. BeardManaging the Impression of Being Supportive of Innovative Efforts by Cynthia P. Ruppel and Susan J. HarringtonThe Symbolic Potential of Computer Technology: Differences among White-Collar Workers by Susan WinterTurnover Culture: Toward Understanding the Problem of Retaining Technology Professionals by Lisa A. Burke and Jo Ellen MooreWhen Technology Comes Knocking: Using Information Technology to Automate Job Description by Tim O. Peterson and Suzanne D. TaylorManaging Information Security and Privacy: Impression Management and Behaviors by Urs E. Gattiker and Stefano PerluszWhat Do Agile Manufacturing, Re-Engineering, and Concurrent Engineering Have in Common?: Success Through Effective Integration Planning by Ann Majchrzak, Stu Winby, and Jon W. BeardVirtual Project Teams and Information Technology: Managing the Client-Team Relationship by Lindsley G. BoineyVirtual Organizations by Paul Oliver and Sheila Barry-OliverThe Limits of Impression Management Through Information Technology in Russia: The Nascent Formation of Identity, Credibility, and Strategies by Elia ChepaitisIndex

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