Issues in Philosophical Counseling

by Peter B. Raabe

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June 2002


Pages 272
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/General
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Raabe examines some of the most perplexing problems a client may present to a counselor and how a philosopher would deal with them. He provides a detailed philosophical discussion as well as illustrative case studies of some of the most important issues encountered in any counseling practice.

The first six chapters discuss philosophical counseling in general terms, while the following 15 chapters deal with specific life issues such as the differences between how men and women communicate and how this is relevant to a counseling discussion, the role of medication in therapy, the concept of normalcy, the meaning of life, the motivation behind suicide, dream interpretation, and religious beliefs. An important resource for professionals, students, and scholars involved with philosophical counseling and applied/practical philosophy.

Table of Contents

IntroductionThe Man Who Saved the World But Could Not Save HimselfPhilosophical Counseling in BriefExperimental PhilosophyCounseling and the CaféE-mail CounselingSex and LogicSpeaking Like a Woman / Listening Like a ManRational PassionsAll Seriousness AsideMedicating the MindMedicating the Mind: A Second DoseGetting to NormalCelebrating AfflictionThe Meaning of LifeLearning to Be OldSuicide as Self-DefenseWhat Does God Have to Do with It?Dream InterpretationDuty to OneselfThe Independent PhilosopherBibliographyIndex



[e]xplains what philosophical counseling is and what it isn't, exploring the broad spectrum of possibilities for philosophy when it ceases to limit itself to academe. Recommended. All levels.—Choice

[a] useful addition to the rapidly growing support now available for philosophers who would like to practise philosophy in therapeutic settings.—Practical Philosophy

Of the relatively few books on philosophical counseling currently available, Peter Raabe has written one of the best: namely, ^IPhilosophical Counseling: Theory and Practice^ admirable and useful book.—Metapsychology

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