The Impact of Globalization on the United States

by Beverly Crawford, Michelle Bertho, and Edward A. Fogarty, Editors


This is the first work to systematically demystify the impact of globalization on the United States and American society in particular, turning the tables on the more familiar idea of America as the nefarious globalizer of the developing world.

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September 2008


Pages 980
Volumes 3
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Topics Economics/International

Over the past decade, a virtual cottage industry has arisen to produce books and articles describing the nature, origins, and impact of globalization. Largely and surprisingly absent from this literature, however, has been extensive discussion of how globalization is affecting the United States itself. Indeed, it is rarely even acknowledged that while the United States may be providing a crucial impetus to globalization, the process of globalization — once set in motion — has become a force unto itself. Thus globalization has its own logic and demands that are having a profound impact within the United States, often in ways that are unanticipated.

This set offers the first in-depth, systematic effort at assessing the United States not as a globalizing force but as a nation being transformed by globalization. Among the topics studied are globalization in the form of intensified international linkages; globalization as a universalizing and/or Westernizing force; globalization in the form of liberalized flows of trade, capital, and labor; and globalization as a force for the creation of transnational and superterritorial entities and allegiances. These volumes examine how each of these facets of globalization affects American government, law, business, economy, society, and culture.

Table of Contents

PrefaceAbbreviationsIntroductionGlobalizations Impact on American Culture and Society: An Overview Michelle BerthoI. Fragmentation and Transformation of American SocietyChapter 1Capitalisms Churn and Cultural Conflict: How Globalization Has Fractured American Society and Why It Will Be Difficult to Put the Pieces Back TogetherRonnie LipschutzChapter 2Transnational Migrant Networks, Citizenship Rights, and the Future of the Nation-State: The Case of Latin American Migration to the United StatesJames CohenChapter 3From Mother Africa to Blacks with Accents: Diaspora and African American Studies in the United StatesTyler StovallChapter 4Racial Politics and Racial Theory in the Twenty-First-Century United StatesHoward WinantII. Globalization and FearsChapter 5Globalization, Race, and the Politics of Fear in the United StatesAndrew BarlowChapter 6Un-American Gothic: The Fear of Globalization in Popular CulturePaul CantorChapter 7Cultural Globalization and American Culture: The Availability of Foreign Cultural Goods in the United StatesDiana Crane and Susanne JanssenIII. Globalization as a Source of Creativity and Innovation in Civil SocietyChapter 8Art on the BorderlineTirza True LatimerChapter 9True Things That Bind Us: Globalization, U.S. Language Pluralism, and Gay Mens EnglishWilliam LeapChapter 10The Globalization of U.S. Sports: From the Pros to the PlaygroundsTim WendelChapter 11Retaining Faith in the Land of the FreeSara Heitler BambergerAbout the Editor and ContributorsPrefaceAbbreviationsIntroductionGlobalizations Impact on American Government and Law: An OverviewBeverly CrawfordI. The Impact of Ungoverned GlobalizationChapter 1Globalization from the Ground Up: A Domestic PerspectiveAlfred C. Aman, Jr.Chapter 2In the Shadow of Globalization: Changing Firm-Level and Shifting Employment Risks in the United StatesKatherine V.W. StoneChapter 3Regulating from Nowhere: Domestic Environmental Law and the Nation-State SubjectDouglas A. Kysar and Ya-Wei LiChapter 4Globalization through DigitizationAnupam ChanderII. The Impact of Global Public GovernanceChapter 5Disassembling the Assembly: Congress and the Legislative Gap in Global GovernanceEdward A. FogartyChapter 6Globalization, Delegation, and the U.S. ConstitutionJulian G. Ku and John C. YooChapter 7Globalization as Constitutional CounterrevolutionJay VarellasIII. The Impact of Private Governance and Public-PrivatePartnershipsChapter 8Making the World Safe for Standard SettingPhilip J. WeiserChapter 9Global Terror, Private Infrastructure, and Domestic GovernanceKenneth A. BambergerIV. The Impact of Unilateral GovernanceChapter 10Globalization and Terrorism: The Effects on U.S. SocietyBeau GrosscupV. Globalization and American SovereigntyChapter 11Arguing over Sovereignty: Globalization and the Structure of Political Conflict in the United StatesEdward S. CohenChapter 12Globalization and Western Political CultureJack CitrinAbout the Editor and ContributorsPrefaceAbbreviationsIntroductionGlobalization Comes Home: The U.S. Economy and BusinessBeverly Crawford and Edward A. FogartyPart I Employment and CompetitivenessChapter 1The Myth of the Second Generation: How Are the Children of Immigrants Really Faring?Anas LoizillonChapter 2Foreign Banking in the United States: An Overview from Large Banks to Underground BankingBenton E. GupChapter 3Globalization, Off-shoring, and Economic Convergence: A SurveyDwight M. JaffeeChapter 4Globalization of Services and White-Collar Work: Implications for Firms, Employment, and Wages in CaliforniaCynthia A. KrollChapter 5Globalization of U.S. Capital and Its Impact on the U.S. Economy, State, and SocietyBerch BerberogluChapter 6Globalization Complements Business Activity in the United StatesDaniel J. MeckstrothChapter 7Globalizations Impact on High-Tech Industries in the United StatesJeffrey A. HartPart II The Socioeconomic BargainChapter 8From Ford to Gates: How Globalization Is Transforming Patterns of Stratification in the United StatesGary HytrekChapter 9Globalization and Worker Displacement: Is There Life after Converse?Michael D. Schulman, Leslie Hossfeld, Tricia McTague, Donnie Charleston, and Kevin StainbackChapter 10External Pressures, Internal Tensions: Global Business, Social Contracts, and the Reshaping of U.S. WorkBarbara ParkerAbout the Editors and Contributors



"... [T]he areas explored are the impacts on culture and society, law and government, and business and economics. Each volume features 10-12 essays analyzing changes brought about by globalization over the last few years. The essays are well written and informative, and discuss issues not usually addressed by works on globalization. Each volume provides abbreviations, a table of contents, and an index that allow the user to locate information very easily… The unique perspectives of these essays will be very useful for researchers interested in globalization. Recommended- Lower- level undergraduates through faculty/ researchers; general readers."—Choice

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