Feminism and Women's Rights Worldwide

by Michele A. Paludi, Editor


It has been a hard journey for women's rights—from the Seneca Falls Conference to the 19th amendment, from The Feminine Mystique to historic bids for high political office. But for all the triumphs, how far has progress toward true gender equality for all women really come? Where is it headed? How do we make sure today's generation understands the struggle to get to this point?

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December 2009


Pages 806
Volumes 3
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/Gender

This set is both a history of the global women's rights movement and an expert analysis of where that movement is and should be heading in the future.

Feminism and Women's Rights Worldwide is both a richly detailed history of the women's movement around the globe and a road map for the next stages in the ongoing fight for gender equality.

In this landmark three-volume set, a remarkable team of contributors draws on a wealth of contemporary research to discuss pivotal events, issues, and controversies related to the global women's movement, with chapters addressing reproductive rights, sexual slavery, harassment, forced marriage, mortality in birthing, domestic violence and rape, job discrimination, pay inequities, women in leadership positions, and other crucial issues. Together these volumes offer today's generation the real story of feminism and a call to action for the next wave of advocacy in education, religion, politics, the military, personal relationships, the workplace, and the home.


  • Offers today's generation a foundation in the history of the women's movement that debunks a number of myths, caricatures, and stereotypes
  • Presents up-to-date empirical research on topics of importance in modern-day feminism, such as pay equity, sexual victimization, workplace discrimination, women and politics, and women and religion
  • Includes personal accounts of feminism from women of different generations to help illustrate the advances and lingering issues in women's rights.
  • Provides suggestions for creating and maintaining change at the interpersonal, organizational and societal levels
Author Info

Michele A. Paludi, PhD, is series editor for Praeger's Women's Psychology series. She is president of human resources management solutions and is a participating faculty member in the School of Management at Union Graduate College, where she directs graduate certificate programs in human resource management and leadership and management. She is the author/editor of 33 college textbooks and more than 160 scholarly articles and conference presentations on sexual harassment, campus violence, psychology of women, feminism, and gender.



"...a simple-to-use, well-organized, comprehensive resource for high schoolers and above. The writing style is clear, and the personal accounts from women across generations add interest. The volumes are chock-full of engaging data gathered from documented studies, and the chapters challenge readers to think critically and urge self-reflection. A necessary acquisition for anyone interested in equal rights for women and for public, academic, and high school libraries with women's studies collections."Library Journal, Starred Review

"A must for all serious scholars of women's studies. Summing Up: Essential. Upper-division undergraduates through

"Paludi has drawn together an encyclopedic body of research, analysis, and finely drawn conclusions to paint a remarkably detailed picture of the place and circumstances of women in the world today. Although the title includes the word 'feminism', which can imply women having a degree of freedom and power, this work shows not just the opportunities but also the limitations and challenges women face globally, and it does so with remarkable clarity and, at times, aching honesty….Paludi has created a trio of well-documented texts in clear and direct language, suitable for any broad treatment of feminism, and by extension for women's studies at the college and university level. This resource would also be suitable for advanced high school classes…This is an accessible but outstanding reference work, in a field where issues are so important and harm so egregious that such a calm but thorough treatment is both rate and welcome."
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"This three volume set is an excellent collection of chapters exploring important and up-to-date aspects of feminism and women's rights. The contributing authors are some of the best in the field and they provide insight into a wide range of issues relevant to feminist psychology. As someone who has worked with Michele Paludi for many years, I can attest to the fact that her knowledge and contributions to feminist psychology make her the perfect person to edit these volumes. It is not often that a publication with this breadth comes along, which makes it an extremely worthy read for anyone interested in feminism and women's rights."—Dr. Florence L. Denmark, Distinguished Research Professor, Pace University
Former President, American Psychological Association

Former President, American Psychological Association

"This 3-volume set provides truly fascinating and important reading for anyone who has an interest in equal rights for women. The chapters weave perspectives of feminism in its different forms and the consequences of sexism and victimization on women's lives. Equally if not more important, it boldly brings the relevance of feminism to the international stage where violation of women's rights is essentially a violation of human rights. This exciting set is comprehensive, relevant, timely , and offers a current understanding of feminism in this new millennium. It is highly recommended reading for everyone."—Josephine Tan, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

"Michele Paludi has raised the bar once again in these unparalleled volumes on feminism and women's rights. Paludi is a gifted writer and researcher, but she is equally talented at bringing together the most impressive and knowledgeable authors to discuss women's contributions and 'real life' concerns. Every chapter is intelligent and interesting. Taken in its entirety, the work is comprehensive, impeccably organized, and certain to become a classic. If, as some have said, publications can be compared to children, Michele Paludi has given us the very best, and the benefits of her contribution will be felt for years to come."—Billie Wright Dziech, Professor of English, University of Cincinnati

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