Executive Accountability

Creating the Environment for Business Value from Technology

by Darlene Barrientos Crane, Margery Mayer


A practical guide for executives to realize greater business value from past technology investments and to develop the management accountability and processes to derive measurable benefits from future technology strategies and initiatives.

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November 2003


Pages 176
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/E-Commerce and Technology

Because technology reaches across and beyond the entire organization, there is a critical need for executive accountability, leadership, and involvement to achieve measurable business benefits from technology investments. Too often, the absence of strategic thinking, unverified technology benefits, ineffective organizational collaboration, and vague or dispersed managerial accountability seriously undermine the potential results that could otherwise be achieved from critical initiatives. The authors look realistically at how technology is chosen, how to evaluate existing technology, and how to deliver value. To change the typical pattern of failure, organizations must move away from the proliferation of blame. When accountability is not specified or when executives fail to take full ownership, the value technology delivers to the company is at risk. Executives can immediately improve the delivery of value from technology by implementing organization-wide collaboration and decision-making that ensures all voices are heard. A second crucial action to undertake is measurement, and this book describes the limits of only looking at problems from a financial perspective, identifies available tools, and offers new perspectives on measuring technology value. A third action is strategic initiative management, an oversight process that ensures that the consistent delivery of business benefits from technology initiatives is visible to executives while projects are under way.

Table of Contents

PrefaceIntroductionMaking the Case for Customer and Organization-Wide Benefit from TechnologyDebunking the "Promise of Technology"Understanding the Victim's View of TechnologyRealizing the Strategic Value of TechnologyShifting to Organization-Wide Thinking about Business BenefitsBuilding Organization-Wide Processes for Delivering Value from TechnologyCreating a Structure for Organization-Wide CollaborationDeveloping Organization-Wide Technology Decision MakingThe New Way to Generate Value from TechnologyEstablishing a Value-Driven Management Process for TechnologyIdentifying the Value of TechnologyOverseeing Initiatives to Generate Business Value from TechnologyIndex



...[A]n excellent tool for aligning the organization's vision with I.T. solutions or implementations. It's concise, yet comprehensive.—Donna M. Schaeffer, PhD,^LDirector and Associate Professor, Information Systems Programs^LUniversity of San Francisco

...[A]ddresses the most essential factor in the achievemnet of maximum benefits from a technology initiative--there are no successful technology initiatives, only successful business initiatives. The authors provide a framework to transform business thinking about technology to achieve business value. The book is a must read for executives who are searching for value from their technology investments.—Marvin Balliett,^LCFO Merrill Lynch Technology

...[R]eally hits a chord when they discussed a process for optimizing collaboration. Much like synergy, collaboration is inappropriately viewed as an assumed mode of operation and valuable by-product, the Build it they will come type of mentality. In truth, it takes a great deal of effort to make collaborative structures work. The authors have provided a road map for this, which I think could be invaluable to many enterprises.—Marion McGovern,^LPresident, M Squared Inc.^Lauthor, ^IA New Brand of Expertise^R

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