The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital

by David Nour


A successful entrepreneur shows how to raise the right amount of money from the right source for each phase in a new company's growth cycle.

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March 2009


Pages 188
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Entrepreneurship

Ask any established business owner to identify his or her toughest challenge when just starting out, and you'll likely get this answer: raising capital. Most aspiring entrepreneurs know far too little about the sources of money that can help start a business or fuel its growth. Where do you get capital? What are investors looking for? How do you ask for money in a way that gets results? This book answers these and many other critical questions. Even more important, entrepreneur and consultant David Nour shows how to develop long-term relationships with financial partner—the people who can help keep a business humming throughout its life.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital, designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the money-raising maze, shows how to attract financing to fund the start-up and growth phases any business moves through. It answers the most common—and the most perplexing—questions entrepreneurs have about financing a business: How do I put together a credible request for funds? How do I choose wisely from among the plethora of financial and strategic investors, consultants, investment bankers, and other intermediaries? How do I identify and avoid the risks associated with various sources of capital? How do I plan for the right kind, amount, and source of smart capital as the business evolves? How do I get the highest return on invested capital? How do I avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when raising capital?

This book provides real-life, pragmatic advice from entrepreneurs who have raised money from friends, family, angel investors, and banks, as well as institutional investors such as venture capitalists and private equity firms. It details the process from start to finish while spotlighting the danger spots and ways to avoid them. It will be especially useful to those who are uncomfortable making important financial decisions, and to those who are confused by all the conflicting opinions offered by advisors—both well meaning and otherwise. By showing readers the financing ropes, Nour removes a major source of stress for budding entrepreneurs and moves them closer to their dream come true: a successful business.

Table of Contents

AcknowledgmentsIntroductionWhy You Should Read This BookChapter 1: Why Undercapitalized Companies Dont SurviveChapter 2: Smart CapitalChapter 3: Plan Now or Pay LaterChapter 4: Bootstrapping and Early Stage Creative CapitalChapter 5: Big Guns Institutional InvestorsChapter 6: Avenues for Alternative CapitalChapter 7: IPOs, Reverse-Mergers, and International MarketsChapter 8: Valuations, Acquisitions, and Exit StrategiesChapter 9: Value-Added Financial IntermediariesChapter 10: The Experts Speak: Best Practices to Embrace and Top Mistakes to AvoidAppendix 1: The Ultimate Resource LibraryAppendix 2: Google's S-1 FilingAbout the Author



"Never was a 'how to' book on raising venture capital so timely as David Nour's The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital. The latest addition to the outstanding Entrepreneur's Guide series from Praeger Publishers, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital is specifically organized and designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with the informational tools necessary to successfully attract financing to launch and/or expand a business enterprise of any kind or category. . . . [A]n invaluable and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library Business Resource reference collections and reading lists."Midwest Book Review - MBR Bookwatch

"This book's real strength is an appendix full of helpful resources, useful not only to the 2 percent of entrepreneurs attracting capital but to many other entrepreneurs as well. Recommended. Collections supporting practitioners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and faculty."Choice

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