Empowering Intranets to Implement Strategy, Build Teamwork, and Manage Change

by D. Keith Denton


Denton explains how to use the Intranet as a tool for strategic decision making, team building, and managing change.

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December 2002


Pages 288
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/E-Commerce and Technology
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Technologically driven information overloads corporate leaders, managers, and employees alike, forcing them into a reactive mode with little time for reflection or strategic thinking. When the survey is completed, the teleconference over, and the weekend retreat a distant memory, we go back to our jobs unchanged. We hope that our activities contribute to corporate objectives, but we quickly lose sight of the connection between our work and critical outcomes. It doesn't have to be that way. Denton explains how to combine new interactive Intranet Web-based technology with new managerial software to focus on strategic decision making, effective team management, and the big picture.

Along with its companion Web site,, this book provides an innovative solution that integrates and displays your critical information in real time. Condense all the reports received from finance, operations, marketing, and other divisions into a single interactive visual display that's always up to date. Establish two-way communication that allows managers and workers at all levels of the company to participate. This is the first system to graphically display—on a single desktop screen—the status of your key organizational and group performance measures. Combine outcomes and processes. Use subjective as well as objective information. Integrate and display the results in a user-friendly format, in real time. This book's solution allows organizational members to focus on their ultimate purpose and makes it easier to implement strategic or operational decisions.

Table of Contents

The Purpose of Information TechnologyFinding Your Focal PointsThe Untapped PotentialThe One Critical ThingHow to Clarify Your PurposeThe Second Critical Thing: Directions and DestinationThe Last Critical Thing: Tracking Changes in the First Critical TwoMeasuring Relevant ThingsPrioritizing Critical MeasuresHigh-Impact Visual Feedback: The Power to ChangeCIVID3 Motion Pictures: Creating Real-Time FeedbackThe Nuts and Bolts of Box GraphsBeta Testing Products and People: Lessons LearnedStatistics, Phase Planes, and Other Neat StuffA Case Study: Building a Foundation SuccessCIVID3: A Step-by-Step Approach



[o]ffers solutions to the problem of information overload faced by managers.—Business Horizons

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